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Being a real giant in the IT market, Microsoft has influenced this field greatly. Not only a number of products common to everyone have made this brand popular all over the world. Along with computer software, PCs, operating systems and other various products, Microsoft is a leading IT vendor for the specialist of all levels that are eager to work in IT. The company helps to keep their professional skills up-to-date, making the specialists be in-demand in the IT market and easily build a career. Thus, being Microsoft certified professional is prestigious, as the doors of advantages are wide open for you. You can work with hybrid and private clouds, with Windows 10, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Exchange Server, you can test your skills to build modern applications as well. Your task is to have a passion for your profession and to choose the certification which suits you most.

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Microsoft MCSA Credentials Overview

Since, Microsoft credentials are designed in a pyramid where each certification level leads to a higher, more specialized and intricate one, candidates can choose the level that coincides with their skills. The candidates starting the Microsoft certification path usually begin with MTA, and then move to MCSA and MCSD. From this level, they can move to MCSE, which is the highest certification level offered through the Microsoft certification path. Still, one the most popular level is MCSA as these candidates check their fundamental technical skills and knowledge, and after obtaining it, are able to get entry-level positions in IT. Among the most in-demand credentials are: in the cloud area – MCSA Windows Server 2012, MCSA Windows Server 2016, in Microsoft Ability – MCSA Windows 10, in Microsoft Data – SQL 2016 Database Development, in MCSA Productivity – MCSA Office 365, in Microsoft Business Applications – MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365, in Microsoft App Builder – MCSA Web Applications. We’ll have a closer look at the last one below.

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In order to be MCSA Web Applications certified, you should really have an interest in programming, have the goal to become a developer and pass two exams. First, sit for either 70-480 or 70-483 exam, then take 70-486 exam. Now, let’s see how this process works and your first step is to choose which exam to pass: either 70-483 (testifies your C# skills) or 70-480 (checks your HTML5 skills).

Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Microsoft 70-480 exam is designed for candidates who have at least one-year experience in developing with HTML and JavaScript. The content of the exam is designed to equip you with the skills you need to develop an innovative and well-designed site. This certification test is aimed at those web developers and designers who want to make a name in the Information Technology industry. And to succeed in this exam you need to be efficiently prepared.

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Exam 70-483:Programming in C#

Still, if your choice is to take 70-483 exam at the starting point, this article is right for you. As the main attention is focused on this test. So, let’s move to get more info about this stepping stone that leads to being Microsoft certified. Known among the specialists with the name Programming in C# the test is related to Windows Store Apps that are using the C# programming language. The only requirement for the certification exam is that the candidate should have at least 1 year of experience in working with different types of applications on hardware and software platforms using C# language.

As mentioned above, Microsoft 70-483 is the test that attracts various professionals of the IT field as it comes with complete and detailed expansion on various programming skills, which are helpful in creating applications for Windows by using C#. The exam topics include the C# syntax, its implementation, and programming structure. This is an advanced test, which helps in getting trained in various newly introduced data, access to data, and much more that assists in reaching new heights in the field of IT. If you are interested in passing this exam, you can’t get along its official website.

Exam details:

  • The exam comes with about 60 questions (the number of questions may vary).
  • The test comes with multiple-choice questions.
  • The candidate is given about 120-150 minutes to complete the paper.
  • Languages the exam can be given in: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese (Brazil).

70-483 exam covers the following important modules:

  • Management of program flow
  • Creation and uses of data types
  • Implementation of data access
  • Implementation of security and debug applications

This MCSA exam comes with a total number of 13 topics that include:

  1. Overview of C# Syntax
  2. Creation of Methods, Monitoring Applications, and Managing Exceptions
  3. Basic Types and Constructs of Visual C#
  4. Creation of Classes and Implementation of Type-Safe Collections
  5. Creation of a Class Hierarchy by Making Use of Inheritance
  6. Writing and Reading of Local Data
  7. Assessment of a Database
  8. Assessment of Remote Data
  9. Design the User Interface for having a Graphical Application
  10. Improvisation of Application Responsiveness and Performance
  11. Integration of Unmanaged Code
  12. Creating Reusable Assemblies and Types
  13. Decrypting and Encrypting Data

Some of the basic skills the exam is checking include:

  • Depict the centre grammar and highlights of C#
  • Actualize the fundamental structure and basic components of an ordinary work area application
  • Scramble and decode information by utilizing symmetric and unbalanced encryption
  • Look at the metadata of sorts by utilizing reflection, make and utilize custom properties, produce code at runtime, and oversee get together forms
  • Incorporate unmanaged libraries and dynamic segments into a C# application
  • Enhance the throughput and reaction time of utilization by utilizing assignments and offbeat tasks
  • Fabricate a graphical UI by utilizing XAML
  • Utilize the sorts in the System.Net namespace and WCF Data Services to access and question remote information
  • Make and utilize a substance information show for getting to a database and utilize LINQ to question and refresh information
  • Read and compose information by utilizing record input/yield and streams, as well as serialize/deserialize information in various configurations
  • Utilize legacy to make a class chain of commands, extend a .NET Framework class, and make bland techniques and classes
  • Make classes, characterize and execute interfaces, and make and utilize non-specific accumulations
  • Make and call techniques, get/handle special cases, and portray the observing necessities of huge applications

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Who should go for this Microsoft exam?

The test works well for the candidates who are having at least 1 year of experience in programming with business logic on applications. The individual should also have some experience in the following concepts:

  • Data validation
  • Working with data collections
  • Management of program flow and events
  • Asynchronous of threading and programming
  • Management of errors and exceptions
  • Management of arrays and collections
  • Management of variables, operators, and expressions
  • Management of classes and methods
  • Decision statements and iteration statements

Preparation points:

70-483 exam comes with a number of books to read:

  • Exam Ref. 70-483 Programming C# (the book at a low price is available on Amazon website)
  • Complete C# Unity Developer 2D
  • C# Basics for Beginners
  • C# Intermediate
  • C# Advanced Topics

The above-mentioned books are the most preferred for proper preparation. However, the youth these days are also getting attracted to the video courses that make the learning of complex things more simple and fast. There are various courses designed by experts who help in learning C# with effectiveness. These courses also come with some practice test along with lessons. Materials for practice are very useful in obtaining mastery of the C# language and programming.

By clearing 70-483 exam, you will prove that you are qualified to:

  • Build a new type of data
  • Event handling
  • Access to database
  • Using remote data
  • Integration of unmanaged codes
  • Operation performing
  • Creation of custom attributes

The exam is worth to pass for the professionals and beginners who are looking for an advanced and interesting career in the field of IT.

Career paths:

  • Mobile app developer
  • Android developer
  • Software engineer
  • System engineer
  • Web developer

Exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

In the second part, you need to pass 70-486 exam to get MCSA Web Applications credential. The test validates your developing skills related to ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 technologies and gains MCSA Web Applications credential. It also covers such topics as various topics, including Azure, IIS concerns, such as routing, securities, and authentication methodologies. Therefore, understand that proper study is required to attain success in this exam, irrespective of whether you have prior experience in any of the topics or not.

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Microsoft MCSD credential

After having MCSA Web Applications credential in your pocket, you are on the way to get MCSD App Builder-a certification of an expert level. That’s the best way if your dream is to become a top developer. This credential testifies your skills to develop and build applications and services using modern technologies. To gain it you need to pass one certification exam.

Benefits of the MCSD certification

  • The certification holder stands out of the other candidates during the job interview
  • The credential helps in earning more money, and it is around 15% more than uncertified specialists
  • As you get promoted, your skills like dedication to work, the commitment of improving and learning new concepts, making yourself valuable, etc. would be understood and appreciated by your employers and superiors

Exam 70-487: Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services

So, to MCSD App Builder certification one needs to pass 70-487 Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services exam. The test has been designed for candidates, to prove their skills in working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, Microsoft Azure. They also should possess from 3 to 5-years experience to develop ASP.NET MVC-based solutions.

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Tips to Prepare for Microsoft certification exams

Passing Microsoft certification exams requires seriousness and discipline. With the right attitude towards your preparation process, you can pass the test with ease. Do not rely only on one method of preparation, as in this case, it won’t be complete. Begin with exam objectives, using study guides. Take video courses to get the insights of the exam, that you won’t find in any book. Communicate with colleagues to find the recent exam changes and pitfalls. Use valid exam dumps to revise the learnt material. Develop your skills to succeed in the exams combining the sources that suit you most.


If being a certified Microsoft developer is your dream, use the information in the article to follow this uneasy but worthy way. Get MCSA Web Applications first taking 70-480 or 70-483 and 70-486 exams. Pay your attention to 70-483 exam as the first step towards getting the expertise in the C# programming language. This exam is a good start on the way of getting MCSD credential. Just follow your dream. Make a plan, and have a proper preparation. Also, do not forget about the increase in salary. It’s a stimulus for those who have decided to be Microsoft certified. Good luck with your certification journey!