Here are the top 7 Xiaomi Gadgets

It is almost certain that in recent months you have heard of Xiaomi at some point, either because of the attractive prices of its electronics, or because it is a Chinese brand that has been growing exponentially lately.

Xiaomi is one of the most versatile companies in the technology world. Their strong partnerships mean that you can market devices that span multiple categories. This way, it can respond to the most diverse demands of consumers.

The fair price if often below the competition for quality products. Today, we’ll check 7 cheap gadgets that you should consider having in your daily life.

Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charges with LED Night Light

The Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charges with LED Night Light combines night light with wireless fast mobile phone charging, supports a variety of fast charging devices, overload protection and safety current and pressure application design. With this device, your phone will charge faster than a horse competing in a race.

Removable magnetic night light can rely on magnetic adsorption on the surface of appliances, it’s warm and warm yellow light, giving at night an umbrella, 180-degree magnetic alignment, 3-4 hours of use for warm yellow light illuminated up to 24 hours.

Xiaomi Portable Fruit Juicer Mixer

This machine has a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, rated power of 70W and uses 25-30 glasses of juice.

Consisting mostly of four-blade stainless steel for effective handling and opening. Xiaomi Portable Fruit Juicer Mixer has smart protection for power, automatic shutdown in an abnormal situation

The portable 350 ml volume design, perfect for travel and also contains a micro USB interface is common and convenient.

Xiaomi MIIW Dual-Mode Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard features 2.4 GHz wireless / Bluetooth control, convenient and simple connection. A simple, flexible radio design character carving for radio carving and 104 design keys to improve your input efficiency

Its design is lined with metal texture, fashion and elegant appearance. At your fingertips, the keyboard is impressive, stress is uniform to bring the best experience.

In addition, this device features 6 degrees of ergonomic angle to relieve finger fatigue. Suitable for Windows / Mac / Android / iOS, etc.

Xiaomi VH Wireless Charging Cup

The cup itself is not very large in size, nor so much in width as in height and also a bit small (unless you have small fingers).

But in the package, there is just one bowl as it comes in combination with a wirelessly charged block with a 1m cable.

The color graphite (or sandstone, if you prefer) is quite elegant, has a non-slip bottom surface, and for proper operation, you can use it with a 24W power supply.

Xiaomi Soothing Cactus Mosquito Killer Light

Mijia’s minimalist style and mini mosquito repellent size are used for those seeking a higher-quality life. Built-in batteries and mosquito repellent tablets can be used all summer long. The mute work mode lets you get rid of the annoying buzz of mosquitoes or running machine when you sleep.

Apart from being easy to operate, it has high-quality ABS and eco-friendly PP materials, safe and durable. Its compact size and self-contained work system allow it to be placed anywhere.

It is possible to put in a 10-hour timer mode to avoid wasting energy. Power is based on two AA batteries (included) and can last 30 – 45 days constantly.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

Using Redmi, famous for the cheapest cell phones, the new AirDots stand out for their low price. In addition, a level of comparison can be established in the Apple model. According to Redmi, the new headphones went on sale in April.

Redmi AirDots use Bluetooth 5.0 and 7.2 mm, diameter drivers. These components, used to make or vibrate and generate sound, are controlled by a noise-reducing processor (DSP) that can be important for answering phone calls with headsets.

Xiaomi Intelligent Water Bottle

And finally, my favorite item: A thermos that when you press the lid on the active small hidden display, shows the temperature of the drink that is inside. As a thermos cup, one idea is to preserve hot or cold drinks, being a bottle capable of preserving heat for up to 8h and cold for up to 24h, all thanks to the stainless steel double wall.

After filling the small torpedo with coffee and adding hot water, just close the bottle to start brewing; To find out how long it will take for your coffee to be ready simply swipe the top of the bottle, sliding from right to left.

The bottle will show the remaining brewing time there. Sliding in the other direction shows the temperature as usual. If you slide in that direction again you will see a small “rock-paper-scissors” mini-game – a bizarre function yet funny add-on.