The Android Play Store is full of paid and free games that you can download and play anytime, but the main issue is that the selection of the given apps is quite massive, therefore, we have compiled a list of the top five games that you can download on your Galaxy S6 from the Play Store.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 wheelhouse of skills include a pretty snappy processor, GPU and RAM specifications, that enable this device to play all these games at optimum settings.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


For the lovers of the Star Wars world and the hype that surrounds the latest film, this game is a perfect option for sensing the feel of what they will get to see when watching the movie.

The game has been developed by Electronic Arts, a well-established video game maker of some of the best titles for several different platform and their expertise is clearly visible in Galaxy of Heroes, as its gameplay and the storyline are very immersive. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.



Love to kill hordes of zombies? Are you an avid fan ofThe Walking Dead and its recent return to the Season 6? This game is the answer to all your cravings, as Unkilled is claimed to be the best-looking zombie shooter game that is available on the Play Store at the moment. You should surely give this title a try- it’s free, so there is nothing to lose whatsoever.

Fifa 16


This is yet another free game that has made it to our top five list. Fifa 16 is no longer a game that can solely be played on the PC, as from a while ago it is accessible from your Android devices as well; all you need is 1.4GB storage free on your S6.

The gameplay and the details are brilliant and the overall footballing mechanics provided by Fifa’s game engine elevates the game’s quality to a much higher degree. As already mentioned, this download is completely free of cost, but includes some in-app purchases.

Despicable Me 2


Despicable Me constitutes the number one go-to option for lovers of running games. The added bonus is for the people who are in love with the minions franchise, while it lets you run around, collect bananas and play with your favorite minion character.

The title is free for download at the Android Play Store.

Minecraft Pocket Edition


This is the only paid game that has made its way to our list. Priced at $5.48, the Minecraft Pocket Edition is the perfect answer to the lovers of Minecraft’s craving for the very popular PC game. This game offers you construction sim with endless possibilities, that ultimately make it quite addictive.

Here is the round-up of the top games of the year 2015 for the Samsung Galaxy S6! Do let us know of your experiences with these games in the comments below!