Top 5 most expensive special edition smartphones
USB Port's top 5 luxury smartphones. Image credit: Luxury Gulf.

Smartphones and mobile devices have turned into an essential part of our lives relatively quickly, as the world saw the launch of Android phones and iPhones less than a decade ago.

Today, the number of active smartphone users is reportedly in the billions, with heated battles among manufacturers over dominance of global and local markets.

However, mass-produced devices are not an attractive option for those who wish to stand out of the crowd and have the means to do so.

For that limited audience, here is a compilation of the most exclusive and luxurious special edition smartphones money can get.

Falcon SuperNova iPhone 6
The Falcon SuperNova iPhone 6 is the most expensive smartphone on the market. Image credit: Phone Arena.

1. Falcon SuperNova iPhone 6: $48,500,000

The luxury retailer Falcon first launched its SuperNova collection line of exclusive iPhones back in 2014, starting at well over $1 million each.

The unique designs by Falcon include revamped casings that toss the original aluminum and replace it with platinum or 18-carat solid gold.

However, the star feature on the SuperNova collection is the diamond-encrusted back, with color options ranging from blue to pink diamonds on the higher priced models nearing the $50 million mark on the price tag.

Black Diamond iPhone 5 features
This is how a $15 million iPhone 5 looks. Image credit: Computer Weekly.

2. Black Diamond iPhone 5: $15,300,000

In the vintage department, there is always the option of getting a unique Black Diamond iPhone 5 for a little over $15 million.

As its name states, this model includes an incredibly rare black diamond encrusted on the home button.

Other than that, it has a regular solid gold back, and diamond-encrusted edges, all handcrafted by the luxury designer Stuart Hughes. He has made other extravagant iPhone designs that are worth millions

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot full specifications
The Luxor reminds of the first Nokia cell phones. Image credit: Zedie WordPress.

3. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot – $1,000,000

Gresso is a luxury phone manufacturer renowned for its quality devices, all worth at least four figures.

However, the ultra-limited edition Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot runs at $1 million for its solid gold body and ancient wood back-coating.

Savelli Smartphone-Alejandro Savelli
The first Luxury Android smartphone on the list. Image credit: Savelli-Genéve.

4. Savelli Smartphone – $250,000

The extravagant design on the Savelli Smartphone is topped off with an 18-carat white gold casing around the edges and customizable luxury decorations.

Potential buyers can choose from a wide range of jewels like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds for the encrustations; while the back of the phone can be made out of ostrich, iguana, or python leather.

Goldvish Eclipse specifications
The Goldvish is another Swiss luxury smartphone. Luxurious Magazine.

5. Goldvish Eclipse (Diamond Heaven – Black Alligator) – $37,000

Goldvish offers the most reasonably priced smartphone on the list at merely five figures, but the base model options for the Eclipse are much lower, starting at nearly $6,000.

So why the $30,000 leap? Diamond encrustations and black alligator skin body casing, of course. Other top-tier Eclipse models from the Diamond Heaven line come in Royal Orange Calf and Hot Pink Calf casings.

Source: Tech2