Top 5 best wireless sport earbuds: Review and cost
Top 5 best wireless sport earbuds: Review and cost . Image credit: Digital Trends.

Whether going for a run, to the gym or working out at home, one of the greatest struggles for fitness enthusiasts is searching for an ideal way to listen to their music while going through their routine.

While traditional earphones and headphones offer excellent sound quality and reliable physical connections, the wireless alternatives are an attractive and accessible option for those who lead more active lifestyles.

Below it’s the top 5 wireless sports earphones based on sound quality, design, build, and price.

1. Jaybird X2 ($149.95)

Available in several different vibrant color combinations, the Jaybird X2 wireless earphones check all the sweet spots for sports sound solutions.

They offer excellent sound quality, above-average battery life, and sweat-resistant features with a lifetime warranty just in case.

The Jaybird X2 connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth and come with a wide array of silicone earbud tips for users to choose the most comfortable, including the exclusive sweat-resistant foam tips.

2. JLab Epic2 ($99.99)

A close contender is the Epic2 set by JLab, a pair of wireless sports earphones that stand above all performance-wise thanks to a rocking 12-hour battery life.

What the Epic2 lacks in design compensates in usability, as the JLab earphones come with integrated controls in the back Bluetooth antenna.

The JLab Epic2 ships with a set of 8 silicone gel tips that vary in size and are all water and sweat-proof like the earphones themselves.

3. Plantronics BackBeat Fit ($129.99)

More toward the high-end of the spectrum, the Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth earbuds also are resistant to sweat and water, and its battery runs for an average activity period of 8 hours.

Crossing the $100 mark with its price-tag, the Plantronics BackBeat Fit audio set offers unique intuitive controls included on the outer side of the earbuds for easy access to music-playing settings and call pick-up functionalities.

4. Urbanears Hellas ($134.07)

The Hellas headphones by Urbanears are a different option for those looking not only to work out but also to stand out while doing so.

These are the only actual headphones on the list, as the on-ear wireless equipment stays faithful to the old-school audio solutions.

The Urbanear Hellas star features are their built-in swipe controls and super moisture-resistant ear cushions and headband, which are both removable and washable.

5. Jabra Sport Coach ($119.99)

Jabra’s Sport Coach wireless earphones attack fitness training from all fronts, including an innovative training app that contemplates personal audio coaching through more than 50 different exercises.

The ear-buds on the Sport Coach are also interchangeable, including a set of tips with different sizes and shapes. Resistant to rain, sweat, dust, sand, and shock, these earphones by Jabra also count with Track Fit support, a feature that records running data like steps, distance, and burned calories.

Source: CNET