Image: Windows Central.

Community Managing has become an integral part of our lives. Managing content across these emerging platforms is a work field in and in itself, and an essential tool a social media manager needs to have is a smartphone.

Of course, most people think the job entails only refreshing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every couple of minutes, but the truth is that holding a social media manager position involves much more.

Managers or strategists, as they are also known, require an extensive marketing knowledge and the skills to design and oversee campaigns on social media platforms, as well as manage key people under them to achieve specific goals.

Be it to work on budgets, type up a post, follow up on trends, design materials, or communicate with team members, these are some of the smartphones that serve as tools for both working and playing.

iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s latest flagship has proved to be one of the best-performing phones out there while also upholding the company’s high design standards. It is available in more slick-looking presentations than ever before, and the A10 SoC is just super-efficient.

For social media managers, the value here lies in the exclusivity of the iOS ecosystem and the high-end features that prove worthy of their price tag. Strategists seeking the best tools to work with should always consider taking a peek at the App Store.

While many criticize Apple’s mobile OS for being a close-ended platform, this same space welcomes developers to create premium apps and solutions not available anywhere else and tuned to be experienced solely on brand devices.

The iPhone 7 Plus, in particular, comes with an extra big display and dual cameras that will be put to good use by anyone with a smart strategy to exploit the awesome feature. It can also handle heavy workloads and is compatible with popular apps.

Samsung Galaxy S8

For social media managers who seek a similar alternative but prefer the more open environment that Android offers, they can always consider the Samsung Galaxy S8 as the best option.

Touted as the most beautiful phone currently in the market, the S8 is not all looks. It can stand its ground against the competition from Apple and other manufacturers, all while setting itself apart from the bunch with its unique design.

Checking social media is a pleasure on the massive OLED screen of Samsung’s last flagship, which also displays notifications like no other phone thanks to the company’s custom UI and native Nougat tweaks.

Needless to say, it offers seamless integration with G Suite for work, as well as compatibility with social media apps and other analytics services you might find useful. For the hyper-connected strategist, the S8 also offers LTE Cat 16 support.

Bonus: HP Elite X3

Because you can’t go wrong with the classics, those who prefer to stick with Windows, as they are used to desktop computers, might find the HP Elite X3 quite attractive to fulfill their work needs.

While it is a more business-oriented device for sure, it does not mean that social media managers can’t take advantage of the cool versatility features that the Elite X3 offers.

Running Windows 10 Mobile out of the box, the HP phablet is compatible with Continuum and a peripheral device the company calls Lap Dock. It is basically a laptop-like terminal that is powered by the phone, making it easier to work on the go.

You can rest assured that the handset supports Microsoft Office and most associated apps of the company’s wide-ranging ecosystem. It might not be hip or slick as the others, but it will surely be a dream come true for social media workaholics.