Best gadgets and devices to gift your loved one this Valentine's Day. Image: TheUSBPort

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and racking your brain for presents to give your significant other may not be the easiest task. However, if you have a tech-savvy partner, or just want to give them an interesting, fun and different present, then this is the list for you.

The list ahead includes awesome presents only that will make your significant other swoon.

Portable Chargers

Portable chargers always come in handy. There will be at least one time when your partner is out and about with little to no battery percentage and with no power source to plug a charger in. But, a portable charger will always be there to rescue them in times of need. Lately, these ones are becoming a must-have, so save your partner the trouble, and get them one yourself.

Amazon Echo

Maybe all your S/O needs is a little update on their home life. And you can give them just that. An Echo might be the answer to all of their problems. Plus, who doesn’t love giving voice commands to Artificial intelligence powered by Alexa?

Wireless speaker

Your partner may be in dire need of one. They might not know it, but when doesn’t having a wireless speaker come in handy? They’re never there when they need to be, and you can the one to solve that problem.


Maybe looking for a smart-speaker might be a little too hard. There are too many options. Or your S/O probably already has one! Why not add something a little retro to the mix? Trntbl is a wireless record player that will please your partner’s retro needs.

Amazon’s Fire TV voice remote stick

Similar to an Echo, and with Alexa installed, the Fire TV Stick allows you to browse through channels, ask for movies, and even surf Netflix without having to reach to grab anything. Just say the word (or movie) and Fire TV Stick will search it for you. Cuddles without having to move to grab a controller are definitely in for the gift season.

Heated Travel Smart Mug: There’s nothing worse than having to take your coffee in a rush because you’re late for work, or have it getting cold while you’re there. The Travel Smart Mug makes all of that go away. Give your special someone a calmer morning, and make them not have to drink their coffee in a rush, maybe a “to-go” with the option of heating it is the best choice.

Bluetooth Beanie

How about something over the top but with an amazing price? At $20 your partner can look fashionable while listening to music, with built-in wireless headphones, this will be all they ever needed but never knew.


Just attach this clip to their keys and all the “Where are my keys?” problems are gone. With built-in Bluetooth, the Tile tracker will let your special someone know where the thing they misplaced is.


Got a partner who’s interested in video-making? Or just want to take better couple pictures than anyone else? Then this is it for you. Who knew a drone could be romantic?


Now this may be a little old-school but phone storage is limited and music is important. So, save your partner the hassle of having to delete stuff on their phone in exchange of space. An iPod might as well be their salvation.