It doesn’t matter which storage device you use to store your important data, it is not safe from every accident and you can lose any important data. If you think this is scary then don’t worry because EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an app which can help you recover any lost data from any storage media you own. EaseUS can recover any data which you lost by accidental format or deletion, system crash, drive failure and many more reasons. EaseUS is the solution for all those lost data, the software is also free to try and see it it works perfectly. Let’s check out what else EaseUS has to offer from this Data Recovery software.

The User Interface

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works as its name, the file recovery software works like a wizard itself which leads you through the recovery process without any confusion. There is not even a single page where you have to wait and think of which option to choose because the options are simple and straightforward.

There are some pages where you need to choose the options and the software will start its job of scanning the location for the possible data to recover. There is an option (if you want to juggle with the other options) which can save the searched results so you can recover them whenever you want without wasting any time on scanning the location again. You need to keep the location intact which means, no writing on that location till you recover the deleted data.

File type support

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports most of the file types exist in the digital universe like for pictures, videos, compressed data, executable files and even the emails. The software can even let you preview some of the file types before recovery, like the pictures, audio files, document files, pdf files and much more so you can recover deleted files you need. You can even recover the system files if your PC is infected with the virus.


The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free software for a tryout so you can recover some of the data and see the software working. You can even recover 2 gigs of data with all the features without paying a single penny for the tryout. If you want to recover more than you need to buy the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Prom, the price of the Pro version is Rs 5,771 with all the features.