What comes to your mind when you first hear the word selfie; is it a picture of a girl with a “pout” or a guy pointing “V” sign? In the past few years selfie has become a well-known term across the globe.

As the name justifies it all, a selfie is a photograph of one’s face, that one has taken by using a smartphone or webcam. Taking a selfie has become everyone’s favourite pastime not only domestically but globally.

Here are a few tips for taking eye-catching selfies.

Be at your best

Just be yourself and no picture could look bad. Be natural, flash a natural smile and don’t try to show-off that you are not. Trust us; this is the best mantra ever. Be calm, relaxed and natural. You couldn’t get a better click without these.

Select the right background

Selecting the right background for the selfie is a really important aspect. What is the background colour? What are the images in the background projecting in the picture? Is it scenery? These factors need to be considered. Make sure the background is clear.

Avoid taking pictures with a background of a messy room or in a bathroom. Background plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the selfie. Nature tends to make the best background.

Try to find a background with beautiful curtains, mountains or some scenic view, showcase your new wall paint etc.

Focus attention towards good lighting

Furthermore, another significant aspect would be the presence of good lighting on the location. Lighting plays a vital role. It brightens the picture taken. Colours in the selfie glows, making it clearer and brighter. Avoid taking pictures in dim light or in high-fluorescent light. Pictures taken in natural light gives the best results.

Pictures taken in natural light gives the best results. Though, photos taken in a high sunlight or brighter light tend to make our features shadowed, resulting in a dull selfie. Make minimal use of flash as it tends to create the red-eye effect sometimes.

Opt for the best pose 

Select the right pose which makes you look at your best. Flaunting a duck face pose with puckered lips and wide eyes is very much in trend nowadays.

Guys clicking selfies at workout flaunting their body is another very famous pose. Select the right angle while posing for the picture. Taking a selfie from an angle from above your face will cover your face as well as your upper body. Clicking pictures from this angle is very much in fashion.

Flaunt something new

Flaunting a new car bought, a recently purchased gadget, and a new haircut done, is what most of the people are doing. Taking such snaps and posting it in at social networking sites is the most popular trend.

Be Still

Hold your pose for few seconds while taking a selfie. Relax, take a deep breath, choose the right pose and go on. Selfie taken in haste would blur the picture and you may not get a perfect click. Make sure you are not moving while taking a selfie. Hold your pose for the time being the photo gets clicked.

Be confident

Don’t be afraid that people are watching or something. Many questions may arise while clicking a selfie. Is this the right pose? Am I looking good? Is the background perfect? Is my hairstyle cool? Etc. You just need to be confident with yourself. Consider yourself the King/Queen and forget everything else.

Avoid Mirror Selfie

Avoid taking a selfie while looking at the mirror unless there is no other option available. You might not realise that the phone’s shadow cast in the mirror might be a very old model and may not look good. Secondly, even the flash gets captured in the mirror making the picture blur from that area.

Group Selfie

Taking a group selfie is also very common nowadays. A get-together and all friends capturing the special moment by taking the selfie is a true memory that one cherishes for long. Taking pictures with pets, friends, siblings, family is visually interesting. Those of you who feel shy of taking pictures of themselves should opt for group selfies.

Use of right Apps and filters to edit

Creating a collage of selfies clicked, cropping pictures, putting up a frame or writing a slogan or message on the picture before uploading is very trendy and eye-catchy. You can always add a special element for making your selfie unique.

There is a selection of free photo-editing apps available online, through which one can improve the lighting of the photograph, change the size and put up beautiful frames too.

Use of good quality selfie stick

Selfie stick enables one to take full body selfies. So, folks, if you need to flaunt your head to toe look of the day you should use a selfie stick. It is most commonly used while taking group selfies.

So, guys what are you waiting for? Apply these tips and make your selfies look better than before.