Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

Are you ready to start ring shopping? Congratulations on your engagement! You might be feeling anxious about finding a wedding ring your fiancée will love. Sometimes couples go out and scout rings together, but maybe you’re flying solo. Your wedding day will quite possibly be the most important day of your life. You likely want to purchase a wedding ring that your significant other has always dreamed of. There’s no need to worry—we have you covered.

Lab-created diamond wedding rings are beautiful.

If you’re looking for a high-quality affordable option, you should consider browsing for an Agape Diamonds’ lab-created diamond wedding set. Agape’s diamond jewelry sets come with a wedding band and wedding ring with a lab-created diamond. There are a variety of gorgeous bridal sets to choose from. If your fiancée likes a bit of color, consider choosing diamond simulants with an emerald set, as well.

They also sell diamond engagement rings, in case you haven’t proposed yet. Agape Diamonds offers its customers the ability to purchase custom stone rings. With custom engagement rings, you can choose your favorite loose diamonds to be set.

Just like with natural diamonds, you get to pick the clarity, cut, and CT. Their diamonds look just like natural diamonds—their brilliance and color are remarkable. And let’s face the facts, real diamonds can be costly. Our favorite option is Agape Diamond’s halo set.

Narrow down what shape you think she’d love.

Diamond shapes are commonly referred to as ‘cuts.’ If your fiancée has already told you what cut she wants, your ring hunt will be a simpler mission. Depending on your budget, bear in mind that round cuts are known to be the most expensive. Pear and marquise cuts are in the more affordable range.

There are also princess cuts—perfect for your princess. Research different cuts and narrow it down to your two favorites. Once you’re sure they’re within your financial limits, it’s time to go ring shopping.

Make sure the metals match.

When you’re buying a wedding ring, you will want to ensure the metal matches the wedding band. If you bought a platinum band, you should opt for a platinum ring. Similarly, if you chose a white gold band, the best option is a white gold ring.

Platinum and white gold are very similar in color. However, metals tend to wear differently. Your wife may end up with two very different colored bands after several years. You can avoid this by sticking to the same metal.

Having her wedding ring engraved is a sweet touch.

You already know that you want to choose the perfect wedding ring. What is more perfect than a ring with a personal engraving? You can have your wedding date engraved. Or maybe you’d prefer to have both of your names. You can also consider scriptures, literary excerpts, fingerprints, wedding coordinates, or humorous phrases.

A sweet note will also make her wedding day more special—an inside joke, a romantic saying, or a simple “I love you;” you know your fiancée best. When you’re contemplating what you want to have engraved, think about your partnership and what you love most about her.

Know her size.

This probably sounds like an obvious tip, but often men forget to find out their fiancée’s ring size before going shopping. On the off chance that she doesn’t know her ring finger size, most jewelry stores offer a free ring sizing service. This will guarantee that you have purchased the right-sized ring ahead of time, and you won’t have to have it resized last minute.

Also, our body weight fluctuates—it’s natural. When we lose or gain weight, our ring size may differ slightly. Before you go shopping, it’s really a good idea to have her sized first either way. She doesn’t have to be there when you’re shopping for her wedding ring, but having her sized will make the ring hunt easier. No matter what, she loves you. She accepted your proposal. And she will cherish any ring you pick out special just for her.