Tinder users can now get better chatting experience, thanks to the addition of new chatting tools, in the mobile dating app. Amongst the changes that the app is going through on the iOS platforms and soon on the Android one, you can send GIFs to your matches. There has also been an upgrade to the size of the emoji that you can send during a chat. Another major change includes the fact that now you can like the individual messages that you receive from a match.

On to the more practical updates that Tinder has finally decided to roll-out, is the feature that lets users upload any photo of their choice, directly from the camera roll. Earlier, the whole process used to be a pain in the back, as you had to rely only on the photos that you could import from Facebook. This addition is quite substantial, as many of those in its core demographic are not as active on Facebook as they are on other platforms, like Instagram.

Moreover, it is frequently the case that a user wants to add a photo on Tinder that they would not like to publish more broadly, so they had to go through the troubles of changing the privacy settings of the photos to “only me” and then access them on the app.

As for the GIFs, Tinder has tapped Giphy, which will now be powering its new in-app GIF sharing gimmick, which can be accessed via a new GIF button, located next to the text input box. These GIFs are a welcome addition, as there is only an option of viewing the ones that are most trending at the moment. Not only are these fun to share, they can also act as a potential ice-breaker.

These additions are quite practical and will now make the “switch to messages” less common with the users spending more time chatting on the app.


  1. By this last IOS tinder update I’m unable to get into the chat messages and not even see new matches. I have tried to delete the app and install it again but it didn’t help at all. Does anyone can help me?

    • As of now, this seems like an internal issue with Tinder. iPhone 4S users are reporting this issue a lot and as for the iPhone 5S there have been instances of the login not working or the app crashing with each swipe. Tinder support has not come up with a solution to this problem. However, thanks for getting this issue to our notice, we will definitely try to get back to you with a solution.