Browsers may be the most used software on your PC and are important for you to open links and websites, however, there are some websites like, which are specially designed to cause problems to the browsers.

This website contains a simple script, which when run causes a continuous string of characters to pop-up in the address bar of the browser, which leads to it getting overloaded and eventually crashing.

As the name suggests, the website will crash your Safari, so much so, that if you are using an iOS device then it will affect the device as well. Chrome and Firefox will also suffer because of this script.

We did some tests across different browsers and the result varied. Do note that these results may differ for for each browser. Here is what we found out from the tests.

Safari is the most affected of the three that we ran the script on. Both on iOS and OS X, Safari freezes up and you will not be able to navigate to any other tab or URL in the browser. In iOS, however, the effect is not limited to only the browser, it carries on to the device, which will most likely freeze up and reset causing the screen to go black and the Apple logo popping up, before everything returns to normal.

Chrome is also affected in a similar way. However, the impact that the script has on Chrome differs from the Safari in a way that it doesn’t effect the device, as the consequences will be limited to the browser itself.

As for the Firefox browser, it takes longer to load the website and on iOS the browser ultimately crashes. Ηowever, on Windows and Android platforms, the browser issues a notice for an “unresponsive script”. Stopping the script seems to work sometimes, though not always.