WordPress CMS

Over the last decade, WordPress has become the content management system (CMS) of choice for both amateur and professional bloggers alike. As such, it has become the biggest of its kind online and now attracts a massive community of users, more than any of its competitors.

Indeed, the WordPress community is extraordinarily large, with users taking advantage of everything the site has to offer. The site brings in users from all aspects of online blogging, and each one of these looks for a different or specific theme with which to make their posts more entertaining.

From newly skilled professionals seeking exposure and looking to take their first steps toward their new career to others reporting on their favorite hobby to people that want to air their grievances but don’t want to invest the money in a custom-built design, WordPress offers the themes that are right for their users to achieve what they want.

Here, we run through the best themes for your blog, from poker to cooking and everything in between, whatever that may be, as we head toward the end of 2018.

Newly Skilled Professionals

Many university graduates utilize the tools provided by WordPress to give themselves early exposure. From designers and developers to the thousands of writers and photographers that can put together a handy online portfolio site for potential employers and clients to see, this is their opportunity to market their product.

Luckily, it’s not hard to put together a decent-looking, professional portfolio. BeTheme contains a whole host of 350+ customizable premade websites to help you get started with minimum fuss. Likewise, Kalium is another theme that helps you showcase your work with comparative ease.

It’s so easy indeed that it comes with a one-click installer that lets you take all the existing content verbatim from within any of their demos and use them freely to get your site started in a flash. Also, Kalium offers more than 30 different portfolio layouts with no coding required.

Then there is TheGem, which has all the tools you ever need to build virtually any type of website you want. It is, however, also a superb option when building a portfolio website. TheGem supports all the most popular portfolio layout styles, which you can tweak in any way you see fit.

For the Hobbyists


One form of blogging that is hugely popular these days is for hobbyists to share their passion with the world. That is especially true of gamers who, along with streaming content, like to show off their progress with their chosen game. Creating a gaming blog with WordPress provides an endless choice, with so many exciting gaming WordPress themes available. But from gaming blogs to news and review magazines to online gaming community websites, there are a lot of choices.

A good example is Blackfyre, which provides all you need to put together an online gaming community. Specifically, this theme allows you to create a chat room or forum, which is always popular among gamers. If its walkthroughs you wish to provide, then one of the best themes you could choose is Games Zone while CrystalSkull (no relation to the dodgy fourth “Indian Jones” movie) has more than enough features to help you create almost any gaming website you wish. Whether that is a gaming news blog, a review site or an online community, the CrystalSkull theme has everything you could ever need. Like gaming, the poker theme is quite popular, too.

Let’s say you wanted to write a blog about your poker progress and return on investment (ROI). Naturally, such a topic includes lots of graphs that chart your profit. Well, luckily, WordPress has the perfect themes for this purpose.

For instance, try Poker Dice, Silver Cards or Sleek Poker. In all three cases, the themes come with two left-hand columns where you can include links to social media as well as loading your content in the right of the page. There is also room for your much-needed progress charts as there are in the rather aptly titled The Poker Blog, which makes for the highly functional, professional-looking site.

For the Personal Bloggers

How To Create A WordPress Blog

While WordPress is far, far more than a blogging platform, it is the first option for most people when they think of such. As well as being the most famous, WordPress’ editing options and blog management features are unrivaled. For instance, Lets Blog provides numerous multiple customizable elements that help you to create effortlessly stylish websites that work on all devices.

It’s a theme that includes more than 500+ Google Fonts as well as providing alternative layout options for bloggers and two sliders. A more specifically tailored option is The Marmalade, which, rather than only letting the ranters rant, targets subjects such as food, fashion, and art. The Marmalade even includes the WordPress Live Customizer, which allows users to alter every blog feature while seeing the changes live in real time.

With The Blogger theme, you can create a custom personal blog with relative ease. Once again, it’s customizable, and whichever theme you select, you still maintain a full set of premade layouts to choose from, meaning that regardless of the blog style you pick, The Blogger should have a premade demo that’s perfect for you and your project.

Now, you see why creating a blog with WordPress is so popular and why there is a theme for you, available for whatever purpose you choose. So, from professional to poker to gaming, and anything else you can think of, there is a WordPress theme for you.