The Nightly Show aired for the last time with jon Stewart
Jon Stewart praised Larry Wilmore's job in the last episode of the Nightly Show. Image credit: Variety.

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” aired its last episode on Thursday. According to Kenneth Alterman, Comedy Central’s President, the cancellation followed the failure to gain rating traction with its demographics target. He also said the show didn’t generate a lot of interest in social media platforms which heavily influenced the decision. 

Wilmore’s show was originally launched last year. The Nightly show was created after Stephen Colbert moved from Comedy Central to CBS to replace David Letterman. The show featured a panel-heavy format that discussed social and gender issues.

Comedy Central told Wilmore about the cancellation on Thursday. During an interview with The Washington Post, Wilmore said the news came as a shock. He expected the show to make through the elections even if it did n’t survive for an additional season

Wilmore still thinks racism was behind Comedy Central’s decision 

Wilmore thinks racism might be one of the motives behind the shows cancellation. Shortly after Comedy Central made the announcement, the veteran comedian “jokingly” said, he didn’t the “unblackening” would happen to him too. 

The “unblackening” is a term Larry Wilmore has been using to indicate comedy central, and the media business as a whole, is systematically getting rid of African American people’s shows. However, the word was first used in the world of politics. 

The host has had a successful career, and he added his only regret was not being around to cover what he labeled “this truly insane election season.”

The Nightly Show’s last episode featured Jon Stewart 

The Former Daily Show’s leading man , Jon Stewart, told Wilmore the show was raw, poignant, funny and smart. Stewart added the show started a conversation that was not on the television when Wilmore began hosting the show.

Stewart furtherly added the conversation Wilmore started doesn’t end after he leaves. He also explained Wilmore gave voice to the underserved voices in the media.

“A very wise man said to me, ‘Do not confuse cancellation with failure.’ What you, my friend, were tasked to do, you have done and done beautifully,” Stewart said at the show.

What’s next for Larry Wilmore? 

On the last episode, Wilmore answered the most asked question on the show: Why is your map upside-down?. Wilmore explained that “Upside-down” is only an opinion. 

He elaborated by saying that as a society Americans have agreed the world should be seen in a certain way. The comedian went on and said the show’s mission was to disagree with that premise.  He added the show tried to see the world in a way that might not make everybody comfortable.

Wilmore explains why the world map is upside down
Wilmore explains why the world map is upside down. Image credit: Daily Dot.

Before Wilmore started working on The Nightly Show, he had several projects. He was ABC’s “black-ish” executive producer, as well as HBO’s “Insecure” consultant.

Regarding Wilmore’s future, he said he has no specific plans. He said he loves both storytelling and hosting so he will try to land an opportunity somewhere else.

Source: The Washington Post