The biggest focus of the SolidRun has been to get big commercial buyers to buy this product. Image Source: Solid Run

SolidRun is an Israeli company that has become popular for its cheap solutions to hardware. During this year, they have launched a new set of Intel-based chipsets that are capable of running Windows 10 or performing as the small brain for drones and robots.

The chipsets are available on their website under the ‘Intel Family’ tag, and their prices start from $70 to $77. All three models included in the Intel Family are very versatile as customers have managed to get a Windows 10 OS running with the chipset as the processor successfully. However, SolidRun’s cheap solution still requires the addition of additional hardware to create a functional board.

If customers choose to have SolidRun turn the chipsets into full motherboards to use them as described before, they also have an alternative option available at Solid Run’s website for $159. This way they can be utilized in a desktop computer without the need for further modifications.

SolidRun has also mentioned their Intel Family is also capable of managing complex operations such as flying a drone. If a Bluetooth antenna is attached to the chipset, it can be used to fly a drone with no complications.

Also, the developers believe that customers may adapt them to other purposes such as small robots with simple functions. Image Source: PR Newswire

The specifications

The chipsets from this group all measure 2.1” x 1.6” and are powered by an Intel Atom E8000 processor. However, they feature differences regarding the RAM memory which is 2GB for the simplest model up to 8 GB for the most expensive.

The internal storage may also vary from 4GB to 8GB eMMC storage. Users have noted that this is the only downside of the chipset as the internal memory is unreliable.

Customers who want the full board version will get a 3.9” x 3.1” device with one of the chipsets mentioned above. The board itself will come with an HDMI 1.4b port, Gigabit Ethernet, a Display port, three USB 3.0 ports, and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection anathemas (only one of their choosing).

These boards are capable of running Windows 10 or Linux IOs. Developers have mentioned that the specs are enough for running Chromium OS, but they have no tested this yet.

The perfect solution for enterprise customers

The biggest focus of the SolidRun has been to get big commercial buyers to buy this product. At a relatively small cost and a handful of applications, the Intel Family is capable of many things. SolidRun has already reported that some of its customers have successfully used these chipsets to create media servers and databases with no particular issues upfront.

In the future, they expect the chipsets and boards will be used to create budget PC’s and similar low-cost devices using their Intel Family designs are their core.

Source: SolidRun