iPhone 8 wireless charging concept. Image: Technobuffalo.

A new set of rumors from a Japanese news outlet points out the iPhone 8 will have, among other features, wireless charging. The upcoming handset, expected for 2018, will reportedly cost more than $1000.

Previous leaks had suggested that wireless charging would also come to a follow-up of the iPhone 7, known throughout the Internet as the iPhone 7S. Apparently, that will not be the case, and Apple will save this new feature for the iPhone 8 alone.

As other recent rumors have suggested, the iPhone could also say goodbye to the Home button, a move that many other manufacturers are also considering for their upcoming flagship devices. For now, It’s all just gossip.

Wireless charging might already be in the works

The ability to charge a phone without a cable is something that’s bound to lure many users. The Japanese portal claims that wireless chargers will come from a Chinese manufacturer, called Luxshare, which already has had some experience in the field.

The Dongguan-based company sells cables and cords of all types but has also worked with the Apple Watch’s inductive charging. The smartwatch’s magnetic charging dock has been on the market for some time now, and smartphones might soon follow.

Of course, charging a phone without using a cable is an entirely different task. However, a proposed design has already spread through the internet. A round, flat object, where users would place the phone for an instant surge of power.

Apple’s plans for 2017

In September, the most likely outcome will be the release of three handsets. Two ‘S’ series devices spawned from the iPhone 7, and the iPhone 8. Some people believe Apple will call it the iPhone X, because the handset would be its tenth, in theory.

The former two will retain the same design as their predecessors up to the iPhone 6, the current gold standard, but the iPhone 8 will signify a radical shift (to celebrate the phone’s 10th anniversary) and the coming of new technologies, including a better A11 processor, most likely.

Apple needs the iPhone 8 to be a success

As earlier reports showed, the Cupertino company is losing ground in the sales department. Samsung might already be the market leader as of today, and Apple should reconsider its strategy.The iPhone 8 is its current best bet.

The Japanese source cited above has been reliable in the past, and their predictions have a great chance of coming true.

The company’s move against headphone jacks and generic charging ports for Lightning arguably cost them some customers. Wireless charging, and maybe better AirPods, could bring some of them back.

Source: Forbes