Teamviewer has disclosed that their web server has been attacked but categorically denied as claimed by users that they were hacked. Primarily used by video game players, the remote support software service provider confirmed to us that they have not found any security breaches and their systems and confidential financial details are not compromised.

According to official sources, the DNS servers were shut down without notice due to a DoS attack at around 0700 PST. The company’s product team posted a tweet after a massive three-hour downtime.

The team apologized for the inconvenience caused to the players as a result of time and revealed that they are committed to provide safe and secure servers.

In the meantime, few users claimed that their computers were also hacked at the same time when the servers went down. However, TeamViewer denied the claims made by the users and stated that their systems are fully protected.

Responding to media, Doug who was nicknamed as Twitch streamer disclosed that hackers have taken everything from me. They remotely connected to my system at 5AM MT, hijacked into his Chrome and used his PayPal account to purchase gift cards worth $3000, adds Doug. He is confident that his system was hacked despite using two-factor authentication.

Some users commented that they actually saw the physical movements of the hacker, moving his cursor involuntarily. When contacted, TeamViewer hits back and told to us that users were careless and hence this kind of incident occurred. The company sources said although their systems were targeted, none of the data was either stolen or hacked.

According to TeamViewer, users are using the same password across multiple user accounts with various suppliers. Even though many suppliers have protection measures in place, few of them are vulnerable.

As a company, we are not responsible if the user accounts are compromised because of weak passwords. We have already implemented two-factor authentication way back in 2013 and its up to the users to implement them inside their accounts.

To prevent any future breaches and attacks, companies like TeamViewer should invest more in server-based security software solutions, which will not only protect users systems but also enhance the reputation of the company.