Survival Tips as a Fresher

Entry into campus marks another new stage in life. It marks another newer version of life where you are not under parental vigilance. Sometimes, life as a fresher start with some nervousness. You’ll often experience various unanswered questions just tickling your brain. You will often wonder where to start and what to expect thereafter. Being a fresher comes with lots of experiences that are both promising and breaking. Check more at But sometimes these experiences get way far than we would expect. These, therefore, prompts us to opt for the easiest way out. This piece explores some of the survival tips you can adhere to in your first year.

No pressure

Peer pressure is one of the challenges you will have to encounter in your first year. Don’t succumb to pressure from peers, as this is likely to affect your entire life at school. Encountering new people with different habits will always leave you vulnerable at times. Lay off the pressure by sticking to your principles, adhering to your directives and distancing yourself from people who are likely to deviate your progress,

Don’t slack

It is good practice to attend all the lectures. Don’t relax, because you need to start your life on a high note. Even though there are classes that are hard to attend because of schedule, always make sure to keep track of what has been lectured and keenly follow the schedule provided. Starting your first year in an energized means that the subsequent years will be easy for you. Remember, you need to build your foundation as early before your intentions at school are destroyed. Always strive to succeed at this level of higher learning.


At university, you need to surround yourself with friends who will be there to help you in times of trouble. Always be careful about the choice of friends you make. Friends are a source of fun and should keep us going and gearing towards our goal at school. Don’t just be a loner as everyone on campus makes enough friends.


Staying far away from home is always encountered by some form of homesickness. So, while at the campus, be sure to keep in touch with friends at home, brothers, sisters, and siblings. But then you shouldn’t properly manage the time you spend communicating with family and friends at home. University life is demanding and requires proper time management skills.

Know your limits

Sometimes, we may encounter some experiences our minds find hard to handle. These required that we have an understanding of our capabilities. Always figure out what you can do within a given limit. Don’t overload yourself with what you know well you can’t do. Just work within your limits and enjoy life without pressures.

Always stay safe

Well, university life is linked to people of different characters. But mostly, you will rarely hear of a person giving you advice on how to conduct yourself. But your parents, of course, will do so. Stick to the advice from parents and avoid endangering your life on campus. Always avoid malpractices that can land you into trouble.


Once you’re out of your region headed to a different region for study at the university, you’ll always be curious to know what surrounds you. But your curiosity shouldn’t just land in you at the nearest clubs or party places. It is important to identify where you will stay for the next few study years. Get friends along with you and acquaint yourself with the area surrounding you.

Don’t rush

Relax, you still have some time. Avoid rushing into various activities at an early stage because you have a long way to go. Just take your time and conduct all your activities gradually without rushing into decisions, activities, and practices that can haunt you.


Life as a fresher requires that you are careful to distinguish between good and bad. But when you haven’t established a proper foundation for yourself, you are likely to fall into a ditch that will haunt you for the rest of your school life. Just take time to explore, avoid rushing, understand your limits, avoid pressures, remember your family, and stick to many other powerful practices.