Successful Realtors Use These Marketing Tools

Are you in the real estate business and seeking ways to publicize your trade? There are lots of marketing platforms for use by realtors, buyers, and property owners. Using them will ease your journey to property buying and selling. Being influential is a fundamental part of your marketing strategy.

This explains why you need to cultivate a sturdy social media presence. Today, buyers and sellers rely more on social media sites for information. So, if you want to be a successful realtor, take advantage of these marketing platforms:


Facebook is an ideal marketing platform where most small businesses connect with their customers. Over 80% of realtors have a Facebook account. As a realtor, you need to take advantage of Facebook marketing. It can help you to connect with potential clients, both locally and globally. 62% of the company’s website traffic is from the Facebook page. Besides, 74% of these channel users earn an incredible income.

Thus, Facebook is a marketing platform worth investing in. Though, it requires a lot of patience since results are not instant. However, with a commitment to build your client base and win over more followers, you will realize positive results.


Cultivate a robust online presence through social media, and you will have a successful real estate business. Twitter is one of the top channels worth using for your realty marketing. Many realty professionals consider it ideal for branding only. However, it has evolved and proved to be a perfect social network for SEO success over the years.

Twitter makes it easy for realtors to engage directly with their audience. This makes it a viable lead generation marketing tool.

Tweeting is an art, and mastering it will enhance your brand publicity. Twitter is a unique platform that enables the sharing of online content across all fields. Realtors make most of it to reach out to their niche market.

It is time you start tweeting and master the game; otherwise, your efforts to joining this platform will be futile. Provide your followers with accurate information on what is happening in the local market. Attach snapshots and videos of your realty listings, retweet significant tweets, and give updates of your local markets. Well, make sure your tweets are informative to your audience.

Twitter will help improve brand recognition. So, if you share more positive tweets about your real estate business, it can help generate more leads. This can also enhance your social strategy. Thus, share over ten tweets daily on your brand promotion, informing your audience of the new listings, presentation offers, and other relevant events you will be hosting. You can also boost your branding through the likes and retweets of your competition.

Make sure you promote your brand without being explicit. Thus, connect with another user on Twitter whenever you share a site page. You don’t always have to interact with only those known to you. Engage other people you would like to generate follows from. Focus on developing a social relationship with individuals who can help you build a strong brand like bloggers and journalists.


Besides, Facebook and Twitter are other far-reaching social media promotion strategies in the real estate industry. Instagram is part of the successful marketing platforms used by realtors. It is significantly helpful in enhancing brand publicity.

Making use of Instagram for your marketing can earn your business a good reputation. Instagram will also help you reach out and connect to the audience you have not engaged with online. You may not land a big deal or generate leads through video marketing; however, Instagram will give your real estate business a massive boost in brand promotion.

Real Geeks

Marketing in real estate has never been easy. However, with this optimal platform, you can stand out in this marketplace. If you are a realtor looking forward to generating more leads, make good use of the Real Geeks website. Rated as the highly used social network by realtors, the Real Geeks website does engage visitors besides generating leads.

Why is it recommended for your real estate business? Compared to other platforms, it offers quality and consistent leads. But, nothing is magical, be ready to put in considerable hard work. Make sure your website remains productive after launching. With sufficient efforts and useful content, you will have a productive website. Real Geeks has an interactive site for clients and exciting tools for lead generation and client management. That makes it an effective and perfect platform for marketing in real estate.

Direct Mail

Although it may seem pointless to send real estate direct mail postcards as a form of marketing, direct mail is still an effective marketing strategy. This is because there are still plenty of people who enjoy checking their mail, and the more they see your postcards, the easier it will be to establish expertise in your area.

If you decide to use direct mail, it is best to use a direct mail company that focuses on real estate, since they will have the templates and expertise that many direct mail companies won’t be able to offer.


MailChimp is a free and useful marketing platform for real estate businesses. If you want to boost sales for realty business, this is an ideal email marketing tool to employ. It will help identify your most active potential buyers with ease.

MailChimp ranks as the most popular marketing option for realtors. It is widely used in marketing real estate businesses. It comes with unique benefits such as integrating with real estate CRM and allowing mailing 2,000 customers for free. MailChimp can be used for tracking and analytics. Hence will help monitor campaigns to confirm their effectiveness.

Zillow Premier Agent App

Many agents find it hard to manage their real estate businesses due to the current lifestyle challenges. Being prolific, networking, and handling errands effectively can be demanding. But making the most of this valuable app will keep your workflow steady the same way as your mobile job.

Zillow is one of the free and efficient tools to have that every realty agent should maximize. Download it on your mobile phone and keep it on your home screen. It is a valuable app for agents and will send notifications whenever a new contact tries to reach you. That way, you can contact the lead immediately through your phone.

With this app, you stay connected to your prospective clients even after working hours. You can always set an auto-respond message when unavailable. Ideally, this free app keeps you connected with your leads and grants you a chance to better your business.

Video Marketing Tools Such as YouTube

Perhaps you are seeking for ways to stick out regardless of the competition in the realty market. Well, video marketing tools, such as YouTube, will help you. YouTube is also an excellent platform to connect property sellers and buyers and can increase property sales.

Some realtors use photos only and wonder why their property is not selling. This approach lacks accuracy, and buyers are aware of this fact. Convincing a potential buyer will require more than snapshots. Use realty video to show off the quality, character, and vibe of your property.

Video marketing is changing the business world. It allows real estate businesses to narrate about their properties and showcase them to potential sellers globally. Statistics indicate that many real estate businesses today rely more on video marketing.


This marketing platform gives a clear view of a property. Besides, videos can be shared without distorting their quality. You can drive more successful deals and resolve concerns faster through video marketing. It also allows detailed showcasing of amenities and reinforces the personal connection.

Are you operating a real estate business? Here are unique marketing platforms to help you create awareness and improve your business. With these fantastic tools, there lies an opportunity to develop a successful marketing campaign. To achieve effective implementation, define your audience and choose a marketing platform that best suits your business.