Subaru has recalled select Legacy and Outback vehicles from 2016 and 2017 model years. These vehicles have a manufacturing defect in their steering column and can render the maneuvering effect of the steering wheel useless.

Cars affected: Legacy and Outback

The cars affected are only the Legacy and Outback vehicles that were manufactured between the 29th of Feb and 6th of May, 2016. The number of cars returned to dealership outlets as a result of Sabaru’s recall is around 53,000. Another 30,000 units are said to be held at dealerships, unsold.

The first incident of the dysfunctional steering wheel was reported on May 3rd, 2016, where the owner had the vehicle towed to the repair center.

Subaru has put out a statement telling owners of dysfunctional units not to drive their car back to the repair-center, but to have it towed. With the risk of the steering wheel being rendered useless, there runs a fatal risk of injury to the driver too.

There have been no reports regarding any injuries or accidents due to the defect in Subaru’s cars as yet.

Subaru owners will be provided with a temporary replacement, while their car is being fixed

As per Subaru, owners of the affected cars will be contacted by the company to discuss the replacement of the steering column for free. The cars will be towed to the repair center free of cost after a technician visits it and inspects it for the said defect.

Whilst owners wait for their cars to be fixed and returned, Subaru will also provide ‘loaner’ cars to alleviate inconvenience.