The Millenium Falcon from Star Wars comes to life with Propel Toys' themed drones. Image Source: Top Drones For Sale

The drone manufacturing company Propel Toys has been advertising a line of Star Wars-themed flying electronics for some time now. Today they announced a pre-order date (Tuesday, November 22) for all of their expected models. Users can register and purchase via their official website.

The drones will reportedly cost $230 each and will include Han Solo’s signature spacecraft, the Millenium Falcon, a T-65 X-Wing, a Tie Fighter, and the flying speeder bike used by Imperial Stormtroopers in ‘Episode VI: Return of The Jedi.’

The most compelling feature about these drones is that they contain ‘battling’ capabilities similar to the classic Laser Tag games that will allow customers to engage in entertaining air combat matches with other Star Wars drone owners.

Fly a scaled Millenium Falcon anywhere you want at speeds close to 40mph

Propel advertises the drones as ‘high-performance battle quads’ because their build is similar to that of a regular quad-copter drone. They have four propellers attached to each bottom corner. They can accelerate from 0 to 30mph in only 3 seconds.

The drones also allow for laser battle with up to 24 players simultaneously, according to the official website, and they feature a reverse propulsion system (patent pending by Propel) with invisible blades to make the flying experience more realistic.

All the drones will also include the ability to perform 360° aerial stunts using a single-purpose button located on their controllers, and three different speed settings for beginner and advanced pilots.

Propel Toys has made hardcore fans' dreams come true with its Star Wars Drones. Image Source: Screen Rant
Propel Toys has made hardcore fans’ dreams come true with its Star Wars Drones. Image Source: Screen Rant

The Millenium Falcon is the fastest of the four models by far, reaching top speeds of up to 50mph. All of them are hand-painted and come in individually handcrafted boxes featuring highly detailed designs for a premium finish.

Where and how to get the Star Wars drones

Upon accessing Propel’s official website currently allows potential customers to ‘reserve’ a spot on a list and wait until the actual production begins because of high demand. Fans can reserve up to three units of their desired drones, including all four.

Currently, their reservation system is not available in the U. S. or Canada. As stated above, Star Wars enthusiasts will have to wait until next Tuesday. The website reiterates that “a reservation guarantees that you will have one available to you should you want it when the time comes.”

Each production model, because of their handmade qualities, is certified and numbered individually by the company, in the exact order in which they are reserved. It is unclear whether this system will remain in place for U. S. sales.

Source: Wired