Employee Working on Standing Desk

In this, digitally advanced world of computers they are a part of everyone’s routine. Sitting in front of computers for a prolonged period can lead to several diseases and can also be a reason for strain and pain to your eyes and entire body.

To combat all of these, there is a new invention in the world of the computer ergonomics which is standing desks.

What Is A Standing Desk?

Standing desks are used while standing up or sitting on a high stool when working on computers. They come with several benefits of adjustable height with a swiveling chair that is removable while standing.

Here we are going to see some of the health benefits of standing desks are all the rage among the workers.

  • Lessen Back Pain – Back pain is the most common problem from which almost 80% of the adults suffer due to working for long hours while sitting. Standing desk reduces the back pain to avoid taking break intervals and interruption in work.
  • Minimizes Cardiovascular Disease- The Standing desk minimizes the 90% chances of increasing heart disease and restores the health factors. This particular desk safeguards the health of already suffering patients and reduces the rate of increasing diabetes.
  • Better Mood, Good Productivity- People who sit for a prolonged time are consumed by depression resulting in anxiety developing aggressive behavior. The Standing Desks maintains health, increase productivity and mental alertness.

Here we have the best alternatives of standing desks which are fully customizable with a height adjustment factor that enables you to get the optimum benefit:

VersaDesk Seated Desk Cycle

Does being fit in your bustling calendar make it hard to focus on an exercise routine?  The Seated Desk Cycle from VersaDesk is ideal for incorporating wellness into your working sit location for a significant amount of time. The Seated Desk Cycle’s thin and foldable structure offers you the capacity to rapidly arrange your work area and easily set aside when you need to sit or stand.

While using it, you could easily pedal it unobtrusively, peacefully without disturbing others.  You can likewise change the pressure to increase and decrease the force of your exercise contingent as per your convenience.


  • The Cushioned seat and back help to enable you to remain active for more hours.
  • Movable seat tallness position and pedals to verify your feet set up forward and in reverse.
  • Attractive manual strain control.
  • Keep tabs on your development with speed, separation, time passed and calories ignited
  • The thin and foldable structure takes into account for easy storage.


  • Effectively considers wellness to be coordinated into your bustling everyday work schedule.
  • Consume calories while you work at your work area.
  • Feel better for the entire day!
  • Ideal for standing at your work area.


Power Lift Standing Desk by VersaDesk is a preeminent electric lift at your workspace. While being completely adaptable, you get features like programmable height alteration innovation and built-in cable management.

This movable standing work area has been worked to last and raises your working knowledge. It’s the ideal PC work area, and significantly more. Ergonomic, programmable, one-touch dashboard controls for your powered up workspace adjustment.


  • It has Electric Powered Programmable Height Control made of strong steel casing base for smooth, calm and mechanized height adjustment.
  • The peaceful and solid mechanized lift framework allows you to adjust is height up to 50 inches in seconds.
  • Utilizing a flexible standing work area advanced ergonomics has been demonstrated to help with back and neck pain, increase circulation and improve profitability.


  • Controlled Push Button Height Adjustment up to 50″ according to the precise stature you need.
  • This desk avoids physical stress on your body and improves proper blood flow and efficiency.
  • You can keep more than 350 Pounds of Office Equipment.
  • The patent electromagnetic straight actuator framework keeps running on 12 volts and alongside being incredibly it is the most effective stand-up structure accessible.

Many studies show that improving your health and fitness while working results in greater efficiency, so putting all that together is a definite asset for all. Also, use the following code USB10VSD and get 10% discount off on all the purchase you will make on VersaDesk exclusively.