Sprint offers all of its mobile plans with bundle line options, meaning that the plan settings per line can also be customized. Image Source: Sprint

The American mobile carrier Sprint Corporation launched its ‘Unlimited Freedom Premiumdata plan this past Friday, August 26. The service provider offers an enhanced plan with more capabilities in video streaming, music, and gaming for $80.

The telecommunications company announced the launch of its new plan on its official website just a week after revealing their first unlimited plan. Sprint introduced its standard ‘Unlimited Freedom’ pack on August 18 starting at $60.

‘Unlimited Freedom Premium’ is the latest addition to the ‘Unlimited’ tier of plans by Sprint in what is likely a countermove to T-Mobile’s own unlimited data plan, ‘One.’ The two mobile carriers currently compete in the American market as the primary service providers of unlimited plans.

What makes ‘Unlimited Freedom Premium’ stand out?

Whereas the ‘Unlimited Freedom’ base service offers video streaming at a maximum quality of 480p, the new ‘Premium’ version tops at the full high definition in 1080p. Moreover, Sprint amps up the Mbps for music streaming to 2Mbps and streaming for games to 8Mbps tops.

This stands in stark contrast to the ironically limited capabilities of the standard plan, which offers up to 2 Mbps for game streaming and 500Kbps speeds for music. However, both plans include 4G LTE data for all other fields, and Sprint offers a one-month free test of ‘Unlimited Freedom Premium’ to existing customers of the unlimited base plan until October 31.

Besides, Sprint offers all of its mobile plans with bundle line options, meaning that the scheme settings per line can also be customized. Users can choose to subscribe to ‘Unlimited Freedom’ while having ‘Premium’ in a different line of the same group. The carried does not tie anyone to any particular service bracket.

T-Mobile and Sprint are racing for limitless data market domain

Earlier this month T-Mobile also announced its ‘One’ plan for users with unlimited data needs, but their service debuts on September 9 while Sprint’s package is readily available.

However, T-Mobile gets the upper hand in reliability and actual data caps, offering up to 4K in video streaming and above average performance for every other data-consuming mobile task. Coverage with T-Mobile is notoriously robust, and under the ‘One’ unlimited plan users also get to enjoy all the package’s features in the neighboring countries of Mexico and Canada.

In contrast, Sprint has a somewhat unfortunate history of not offering the best mobile services in the U.S. Nevertheless, with bold bets like its ‘Unlimited Freedom’ plans, the carrier has seen consistent growth in its user base, and it is slowly crawling up from its fourth place among best American providers.

‘Unlimited Freedom Premium’ currently holds an unbeatable price in the realm of limitless data mobile solutions.

Source: Sprint