Sonos wireless speakers will count on with Spotify for users to stream music while on the device. Image Source: Sonos

Cloud-based music streaming service Spotify will connect its content to Sonos speakers directly from the Spotify app, although the feature will only be available to members of Spotify Premium.

Premium users have Sonos app integration via the new service called Spotify Connect within the app. Users will have full access to Sonos sound systems as well as another list of compatible speakers.

The streaming service made the announcement after a brief beta testing period. They launched the news alongside a video promotion.

What are Sonos sound systems?

Sonos sound systems offer one of the best wireless music speakers of today’s market. However, the wireless speakers are rather difficult to set up and does not support any other software than its default Sonos app.

Sonos established itself as the market leader for internet-connected speakers, but the company has struggled recently against AI speakers like Amazon Echo.

As a result, the company had to do some layoff earlier this year, and in August they announced they would also allow consumers to control their Sonos systems with Amazon Echo.

Sonos is also an expensive brand, but the company has worked to make its products accessible at multiple price points. Their low-end speakers have a starting price of $199, while the high-end Sonos Playbar TV Soundbar goes for $649.

The Sonos’ app integration

Up until now, Spotify users had to open the Sonos app to access their music catalog on their smartphones, making up for a somewhat limited experience.

For example, users could not listen to music in the car and continue the playback at home without switching apps.

To make it happen, users need to sync a Sonos sound system to Spotify via Spotify Connect. Then, users can only pick a playlist, press play, and select a speaker on a room or various speakers in different rooms to play it.

As it is for Amazon, Spotify is now available for stream through Sonos. Image Source: AFTV News
Spotify is now available for stream through Sonos on Amazon. Image Source: AFTV News

The new Spotify feature: Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect brings a few features to any sound system like Sonos. For instance, users can group and ungroup nodes in the speakers, having each one playing different songs.

The Spotify Connect allows more than one device to link up to the sound system at the same time and control it while it is playing. A group of friends can also enjoy each other’s musical taste by building joint playlists.

All of the usual features of the Spotify app for curation, discovery and sharing are available through Spotify Connect.

Source: CNET