The Island of GreedFall concept art. Image: PlayStation blog/TheUSBport.

On February 09, Spiders’ CEO, Jehanne Rousseau, unveiled the teaser trailer of ‘GreedFall,’ the newest RPG from the French game studio. The game will release in 2018, and it will probably be available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The studio started working in 2009, and its first game was the French adaptation of ‘Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack The Ripper’ which received positive to mixed reviews.

Spiders has experience with the RPG genre. In 2010, the company released ‘Faery: Legends of Avalon’ which was labeled as an average/good game with great visuals but faulty mechanics and AI.

In total, the French studio has released eight games including five RPGs (Of Orcs and Men, Mars: War Logs, Bound By Flame, The Technomancer, Faery: Legends of Avalon), one graphic adventure (Gray Matter), and two Sherlock Holmes games.

‘GreedFall’ plot and setting

The game reminds of the colonization of the Americas. Players will have to explore a massive island where indigenous-like people live in harmony with supernatural beings. Rosseau compared the game’s design to Baroque art from the 17th Century Europe.

Spider mentioned there would be at least three factions: Settlers, Mercenaries, and Treasure Hunters. So, it seems players are the bad guys in GreedFall. They will have to deal with other colonists as well as natives who can wield magic and their magical neighbors.

To do so, players can choose between combat, diplomacy, deception and stealth. Which means, there are many ways to complete the game. Rousseau added the island was an ever evolving being, and that all the decisions people take would affect the storyline.

Spiders could redeem itself with ‘GreedFall’

The game looks fantastic. It reminds of ‘Granado Espada,’ and it promises complex character interaction that made games like ‘Mass Effect‘ and ‘The Witcher’ so popular among RPG fans. However, the studio has to overcome a recurring problem.

There is something all Spiders games have in common, and that is a “mixed or average” review. Moreover, most reviewers, including Metacritic, IGN, and PC Gamer, agree the company makes visually outstanding games stained by a mediocre gameplay and frustrating battle mechanics.

Greedfall-Settler vs magical creature
GreedFall-Settler vs magical creature. Image: YouTube.

Regarding the teaser, it is solid, even though the music made me cringe. The trailer shows men wearing colonial clothes, tricorner hats included, that seem to be the Settlers. It also shows a “wild” woman and one of the supernatural creatures that inhabit the island.

I found curious that not only the Settler was not surprised by the huge moose-like creature, but he seemed ready to fight it. By the end of the video, another man wearing similar clothes appears onscreen, which gives an idea of GreedFall’s gameplay.

Spiders promised they would reveal more details on the game in the coming months, so stay tuned for more news on this promising title.

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Source: PlayStation Blog