In an unexpected development, Sony Xperia X is getting extremely hot during Full HD video recording. According to a latest report, which surfaced on the web, a user with the name Damir Franc recently uploaded a video on YouTube by comparing Xperia X with the Samsung Galaxy S7 when recording 1080p video.

Even though the video has been taken down due to reasons not known to us, there has a talk on the town regarding the extreme heating and crashing of the device during video capturing.

YouTube Camera Review of Sony Xperia X suggests severe overheating issues

The video revealed that things were fine for a few minutes of video shooting at 60fps with both Xperia X and the Galaxy S7. However, after four minutes of shooting, Xperia X started to show true color by slowing the whole device. After nine minutes, the camera app crashed by displaying a pop-up warning to the user.

If the above problem happens to every customer of Sony Xperia X, then it is not a good sign for Sony since the smartphone is marketed as a premium device. Moreover, Sony is trying to capture the industry by introducing a steady line of Xperia X and their plans will take a big hit since the company needs to find a work around to resolve the heating.

With a cost of approximately Rs. 48990, customers will never expect Sony to manufacture a product which causes great concern to their daily life. We expect Sony to push OTA updates to resolve the issue associated with the heating.

In the past, Xperia Z3+ was simply too hot to handle and it’s certainly bad news for the company which is trying to occupy a premium position in the smartphone industry.

More recently, LeEco was widely criticized by customers since the device tends to get hot when used for few minutes.

We believe that smartphones with metal-body will be hotter than the devices manufactured with other materials.

On the specifications front, the 4G LTE based Xperia X features a Snapdragon 650 processor, 3GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, loaded with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow skinned uner Xperia UI.