image source: cnnmoney

Snapchat has proven itself to be one of the very least companies out there with ambitions. The creators have refused to sell the app to Facebook for a bulk of money and they also once said that they hope to become the centre of the news world with brief and quick news updating.

So no wonder why the company is getting so much credit. For those who are less familiar, the basic idea of the app is that one user can get a picture or a video and send it to another user. The second one can watch it for a few seconds (the maximum time given is 10s) and then it’s gone forever. At least that’s how it all started.

But as times and trends progress so does the customers’ need for changes and upgrades.

After a while, many people who were using the service started complaining about the app and wanted the ability to review some snaps more than once. So for the last two years you can choose to review one snap per day.

But again, this isn’t really enough, is it? Enter, the new update which allows users to replay three snaps with 99 cents. The amount of money is arguably worth it for the extra laugh. Of course, be careful not to get carried away.

What is more concerning, though, is the company’s decision to embody a pay-to-replay feature to the app. What could the creators be thinking? Are their goals not as noble as they used to? Do they just need more money for some reason? Is this a strategy to attract more customers or keep the existing ones satisfied?

Too many questions and unfortunately not nearly as many answers. Still, laughing at your friends more than once could be worth a buck. Whether this will bring profit to the company or not, is yet to be seen.

Besides the replay feature, Snapchat got a few more free surprises with the latest update.

To start with, there is the Lenses feature, which lets the users filter their pictures and add a bunch of fun or creepy effects such as the terminator, a vampire and alike. While it is not confirmed, this feature is rumoured to be the result of the company’s new acquisition, the Looksery.

Then, we’ve got the “Trophies”, first spotted by The Next Web in August. This unlocks various trophies to users for completing certain tasks, such as sending snaps with front facing flash on. A free and fun addition to the app that could push users to take a few more extra snaps.