smartphone holograms

Over the years and through the internet, the world has seen some pretty awesome tricks and tips to use on our everyday lives. Recently a video on YouTube got several million views in just a few hours, for showing some tricks one can do with a smartphone camera to have some professional results.


Now there is video that is going viral all around the world, showing you how to create a hologram on your smartphone using tools that exist in every house! The process is ridiculously easy; though you should always take caution. Just gather all the ingredients and follow the instructions given below.

You will need:

  • Graph Paper
  • Plastic CD case
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Tape or strong glue
  • Knife or glass cutter
  • Your smartphone


  1. Draw a trapezoidal shape on the graph paper with dimensions 1cm x 3.5cm x 6cm. Then cut the shape using the pair of scissors.
  2. Now use the piece of paper you cut on the previous step and draw the exact same shape on the plastic CD case and cut again the plastic shape. Repeat that 3 more times to get for identical shapes from the plastic case in total.
  3. Glue the four pieces together using tape or strong glue with the bigger side of the trapeze facing top.
  4. Choose a video (eg from YouTube) that has special hologram effects. You can take some pretty good ideas from here.
  5. And for the final step, put the 3D trapeze shape you created from the steps above and put it exactly on the center of your screen.

And there you go. You have just created your very own holograms projector using tools with a total budget of literally zero dollars. Makes you really wonder how all these guys come up with those ideas. Have fun and let us know how the instructions worked out for you!