Italy – People have always dreamt of having a smart home that can be controlled remotely. Smart homes is a highly advanced field when it comes to the technologies used in it.

Microsoft partner from Italy, Easydom, recently announced that people will soon get smart homes, as they are bringing the technology to the masses.

Easydom: Easy Domotics, making homes smarter

Smart homes now possible with Easydom

Easydom is a combination of two words, ‘Easy’ and ‘Domotics’. Domotics is the field of home automation. Easydom is an Italian company founded by Sergio Tucci in 2011. Sergio Tucci and his team is constantly working to take home automation to the highest level.

The company has only 11 employees so far, but has the most advanced technologies at its disposal. With the help of Microsoft, Easydom could merge home automation with Internet of Things and thus, the smart homes from Easydom emerged. Now the company wants to extend its reach from B2B (business-to-business) market to B2C (business-to-customer) market.

Moving ahead in their work, Easydom is bringing wireless solutions for smart homes. This new entry on the block is called as ‘Easydom Next’ by the team. The users of Easydom Next will be able to control their home’s lighting, climate (air conditioners), security systems and all sorts of electronic items from a remote location.

So now, users can enjoy their holidays and still control their homes. If the users are out for work, they can instruct their air conditioners to make the climate comfortable or the geyser to heat the water.

This innovation for smart homes will soon come out of the labs and reach out to public. Easydom was also named an innovation award honoree at CES 2015 in Las Vegas for Easydom Next in the category of mobile apps and software.

Microsoft’s partnership with various industries

Microsoft is all set to join hands with various business partners and focus more on innovations. At the Worldwide Partner Conference that’s taking place in Orlando, Florida from July 12th to 16th, Microsoft announced that the software giant is going to invest in such partnerships to transform the business.