US – Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has recently released an update for Skype messaging app for Android users. The newly added version of Skype is 5.5. The updated Skype gives users a capability to quickly sign in to the application again in no time.

Skype’s new version

Here is what Microsoft has to say for this new version of Skype

“With the improvements we’ve made to battery use and notifications, you can comfortably leave Skype running on your Android devices without signing out. However, for those of you who still want to sign out, we’ve made it easier for you to sign back into the app. Skype now remembers your log-in details so you won’t need to. Just one tap on the arrow, and you’re in and ready to send IMs or make calls. You can also change the setting so the password is required every time you sign in. While signed in, just tap on the menu icon “…” > “Settings” and look for the option under the Privacy section.”

Everyone is very much familiar with the actual use of the Skype application. Skype is the application which provides video calling, audio calling and text chat services on different computer platforms. There are millions of users all around the world who are using Skype services to communicate with their family members and friends.

In the past, Skype was an independent company, but now it is being owned and operated by Microsoft. One thing to note here is that being owned and operated by Microsoft doesn’t mean that it is unsupported and non functional on other non-Microsoft platforms.

According to Microsoft, in the next few weeks, a web link preview feature for the Android version will be rolled out in the market that will allow users to see a visual preview of a website if a link is posted in chat.