A 13-year-old boy swimming 150 yards off the coast of Corona del Mar State Beach was bitten by a shark on Sunday, May 29, 2016, and it has led to immediate beach evacuation.

According to the Orange County Register, the swimmer was wearing a wetsuit during the time of the attack, and she waved and screamed for help. Lifeguards pulled the victim out at 04.15 PM.

Fire officials confirmed that the woman has bite marks on her torso, and the wound is traumatic in nature. According to officials, the nature of injuries is similar to that of shark attack, but the cause of chomping has not been confirmed.

As of now, the swimmer was not identified, and it is not clear whether she was alone on the beach.

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Lifeguard Battalion Chief Rob Williams told that there were many triathletes and long-distance swimmers who use the beach for training. More investigation will be made with identifying the victim who faced this unexpected attack.

Soon after the attack, officials closed the beach, and it will remain like this tillMonday morning. There were no other injuries reported, and the shark was not spotted after Police Helicopters conducted the search.

Many beachgoers in this place have reported shark sightings and attacks in this area, but as of now, no official confirmation has been made by authorities.

Shark attacks in America have hit an all-time high last year, as these water giants bit more than 98 people. The most vulnerable area is the East Coast, and here attacks are quite common.