How to Select Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

Rates for new drivers are bound to be higher than seasoned drivers with proven records. For these reasons, you might be wondering how to choose the best car insurance company for beginner drivers. With the help from these tips and comparison tools, you can select a policy with confidence.

Why insurance is so important.

Car insurance is the ultimate protection for new drivers. Since your driver is new to the rules of the road, it’s likely that an accident could occur. This is why it’s important to get car insurance that covers your dependent driver. By covering them under your policy, you save time but also get peace of mind should any unexpected accidents arise. However, if you’re not willing to add them to your existing policy, they can take out their own policy. If your learner takes out their own policy, it will most likely be more expensive.

Pricing factors.

Many factors determine the rate that you will be paying for your auto insurance. These factors include how old you are, the kind of vehicle you drive, and your driving record. Considering you will be covering a new driver, you should expect their auto insurance rate to be higher than yours. This is because of their age, and many insurance companies take into consideration that ensuring a new driver is more of a risk than someone who’s with a clean, established driving record. This is not to say that your young driver is irresponsible. However, the facts relay that 45% of all Australian deaths by young adults are from car crashes. With this in mind, it’s critical to get multiple car insurance quotes for the most full coverage.

Another specific factor that changes the rate is your learner driver’s gender. Females have lower rates than males. This is because males more commonly get into accidents. Something else to note, the type of coverage you have can change the cost. For example, limited liability coverage only covers collision-related accidents. It’s the minimum coverage, whereas comprehensive coverage covers more than just collision-related incidents.

Consider their vehicle.

If you weren’t aware previously, the type of car your new driver uses can affect the price. If your driver is driving around in a high-speed BMW sports car, their insurance will likely be higher than if they were driving around five-star safety rated sedan. You can consider looking for one of these vehicles during your search which tops the list of the safest cars for teens in Australia. This is vital information to know because if they’re being added to your policy, you want to get the car insurance rate instead of unknowingly paying more because of your vehicle information.

If they’re looking to purchase a vehicle, check out auction cars. Auction cars allow you to look at thousands of new and used cars from all of the top safety ratings instead of heading to a dealership. It’s the perfect place to start looking for your teen driver.

Get the best price.

When you compare car insuranceyou ensure that you’re getting the best price. In order to get a reasonable car insurance quote, you have to be willing to reach out to experts. Consultants who know about auto insurance policies at comparison forums like iSelect help you navigate numerous auto insurers to find the perfect fit for you. They understand that it’s not always about price but more so about covering the things that matter most to you. By utilizing their tools and comparing your car insurance with iSelect you can find a middle ground where your needs are continually met.


Once you have explored the car insurance options with iSelect and weighed out your personal factors you can get the coverage your learner driver needs. Ultimately, the auto insurance provider and coverage you decide to use is up to you. After insurance, your new driver will be protected as they work towards their driver’s license.