The company also announced the FireCuda inside the new family, with 2.5 inches it was created for gamers and those who create. Image Credit: Anand Tech

Seagate unveiled the 10 TB Barracuda Pro, the largest consumer-oriented hard drive in the world. For $534, people will get a ‘high’ performance 10 TB hard drive. Its disk spins at 7200 rotations per minute (RPM), and it boasts a 256 MB cache which makes it a very decent performance oriented piece of hardware.

The company said the Barracuda Pro wasted little energy, from 4.5 to 6.8 when it’s working its hardest. This is not the first 10 TB disk in the market. Corporations usually need a lot of storage space, and the manufacturers have provided them with many enterprise options. However, they are more expensive than an average hard drive because they have extra features to ensure security and endurance.

The Barracuda Pro is not going to be the only member of the 10TB customer hard drives family. Seagate announced two other models. Their specifications are not as good as the prodigal son, but they are cheaper which gives people three different cost options depending on their needs.

The IronWolf is another 10 TB drive intended to be used for NAS applications, and it’s going to cost $469, 99. Also, there is the SkyHawk that has the same storage capacity, but it is intended to be used for video surveillance, so it probably is a 5400 RPM drive. The latter will cost $459, 99. The price difference between the two cheap versions is minimal, so the commercial success of one of them could probably be the downfall of the other.

The Barracuda Pro will have the standard five-year warranty, but people who prefer the cheaper options will have to settle with the three-year warranty.

The announced hard drives adjust to every PC user, from saving pictures and 4K videos, to larger space required for gaming the Barracuda models answer every need. The company is offering two BarraCuda models and a BarraCuda Pro model. Image Credit: PC Mag

One of the best manufacturers in the world       

In the desktop computer world, companies are usually sorted into two categories, assemblers and manufacturers. The regular costumer usually knows nothing about the businesses that create the components the big assemblers use. So, it is paramount for someone who doesn’t have a clue about the subject to seek help before getting a desktop.

On-line reviews are usually a good source of information, and the guys at Tech Radar have given an excellent evaluation to Seagate as a manufacturer. The company’s hard drives usually appear on top ten lists along with Western Digital and Toshiba. However, Seagate’s Barracuda series is performance oriented which means, they usually have better specifications than similar options in the market. They don’t have the best price, though.

Nevertheless, the new 10 Tb hard drive is not the best option for sheer performance, not since Solid State Drives arrived. Also known as SSD, they are the real evolution of the storage technology for desktops regarding speed.

Hard drives are built ensuring durability, and they are much faster, and they are smaller than most brands. For instance, Samsung’s 2 TB SSD costs around $900 in Amazon, and that is a fifth of the Barracuda Pro Capacity.

Source: Storage Review