Samsung KS9800 analysis
Samsung KS9800. Image: FlatPanelsHD.

The curved KS9800 is the latest and biggest SUHD TV released by Samsung and starts at $9,999.99 in their official store. The TV is also the last in the family of curved flatscreens, following the 55″ and 65″ models.

Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology signifies a huge step toward better coloring in television. The QD particles generate completely pure red and green and team with high-intensity LEDs for blue, which create a broader color spectrum.

Samsung states that this technology “unlocks up to a billion color combinations.” The 78″ TV is bound to take that number to the extreme with its humongous size. The flatscreen is already available, though in limited supply.

Features and Specs

samsung-ks9800-front. Image: Samsung.

The 9 series TV comes with all the perks from its predecessors, including the possibility of ‘remastering’ on-SUHD content with Samsung’s trademark Intelligent Picture Engine. The HDR technology provides unbeatable contrast and definition.

Also, Samsung’s Curved Display, already the standard in many American homes, eliminates the need to sit close to the center of the screen, keeping every viewing angle within the picture.

The Smart Remote has also received good reviews, though many users miss the old fashioned number pad. The TV holds the same amount of ports and audio features as its smaller counterparts.

The KS9800 is as good as it gets regarding 4K viewing

Some reviews have called the 65″ KS9800 one of the best TV sets in 2016, featuring state-of-the-art HDR and motion control specs that go almost unrivaled in the market today.

The 78″ is nothing but a bigger version of this already outstanding television, with the 9800 offering the highest peak brightness in their field, an improvement from the KS9000 and KS9500 models.

The Korean giant, some reviewers argue, could overpower its biggest TV rivals with this addition. The LG G6 Signature OLED television, and the Sony XBR-940D come to close to competing, but the 78″ KS9800 beats their performance comfortably.

Samsung hopes ‘Quantum Dot’ will take them all the way to the top of the food chain

Samsung-ks9800-side. Image: Samsung.

The company’s Quantum Dot technology will solidify their position as markets leaders. As 4K definition advances towards becoming a standard, TV makers have to rethink their business strategies, putting color, brightness, and contrast before pixel count.

Samsung’s QD build is their response to OLED displays, which yield similar results in coloring and brightness. However, the company adds the Quad Layer protection system to the panels, which makes them more durable.

The Korean manufacturers have also cut cadmium from the building process, recent discoveries have highlighted some health issues related to this chemical. Instead, they use Indium, the next element in the periodic table.

Source: Samsung