Samsung will showcase VR and AR projects at the MWC 2017
The WMC 2017 will be the stage for Samsung Creative Live to show off its VR and AR prowess. Image: WallpaperSite.

Samsung’s Creative Lab division will go to the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week with four virtual and augmented reality projects to exhibit. Relúmĭno, Monitorless, VuildUs, and traVRer will be on display during the week.

Participants of the in-house initiative have previously gone to big events such as the Consumer Electronics Show with ambitious proposals that later made a reality.

The Korean tech giant is attending the Congress, although not in the way people expected. Fans and consumers were disappointed when company executives said they would not unveil the Samsung Galaxy 8 at the event.

Relúmĭno helps people with visual problems 

Samsung’s Relúmĭno will help people with visual impairment enjoy Virtual Reality. Image: Samsung.

The first project of the bunch is Relúmĭno, an app focused on enhancing visibility and clarity of media such as films and e-books.

It is aimed at consumers with harsh visual impairments that otherwise cannot enjoy this type of content. The mobile application works with the Samsung VR headset to let them see things clear and from up close.

Monitorless lets you use your PC without a monitor

Monitorless is the second proposal from Samsung’s C-Lab. It consists of a pair of glasses enabled with both VR and AR viewing functions to see what’s on your smartphone or PC without actually using it.

The glasses connect to the computer or device via Wi-Fi Direct and stream what’s on display to the lenses. In the case of smartphones, they can be used as a peripheral to control games or applications running on PC.

When using Monitorless for PC tasks, users can switch from VR to AR mode according to their preferences.

Decorate your house with virtual furniture on VuildUs

Curious to see how that couch you want would look like in the living room? VuildUs lets you be the judge without spending a dime.

The home interior decoration app works similarly to some Tango applications that let you take measures of real objects in augmented reality. VuildUs requires a quick scan of your house to build a virtual model as a reference.

From then on, it is supposed to work with furniture databases from big stores like Ikea. You can place virtual couches or tables in your model home to see if they would fit or how they would look like in place.

traVRer takes you on a trip to new places

Take a virtual trip with Samsung’s traVRer. Image: Samsung.

The final project from Samsung’s incubator is a twist on a popular idea. traVRer goes one step beyond Google Street View and adds 360-degree video to landmark sites and lets you visit them in a truly immersive experience.

The development team provides no details about whether the video feed is live or pre-recorded, but they highlight that users can jump from one famous place to another seamlessly at any given time.

Samsung’s Electronics booth at the Mobile World Congress is 4YFI G1 at the Fira Barcelona venue. All C-Lab creations will be on exhibition throughout the week.

Source: Samsung