Samsung is stepping up its VR game with a new Windows Mixed Reality headset. The HMD Odyssey seems to be the best one so far, and it can be yours on November 7. Image: Samsung

On Tuesday, Microsoft made several announcements about Windows Mixed Reality at a dedicated event in San Francisco. Samsung’s addition to the list of official headset makers was one of the highlights, as it introduced the HMD Odyssey for $499. It launches November 7.

The tech giant also announced the acquisition of AltSpaceVR, a leading platform for immersive communications development. The Steam experience coming to Windows Mixed Reality is now available for developers, and it will be available as a preview for consumers this holiday.

Microsoft is preparing an expansive catalog of headsets by different industry leaders. HMDs by Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and more are now available for pre-order along with the new Samsung Odyssey. Here is all we know about the high-end device debuting today.

Samsung HMD Odyssey: the most complete experience yet

Out of all the headsets Microsoft has in stock, this latest product by Samsung HMD seems by far the best-rounded experience of them all. Featuring dual AMOLED screens and built-in 360-degree headphones, you can immerse yourself in mixed reality deeper than with other options.

Samsung packs a pair of 3.5-inch AMOLED displays with resolutions as crisp as 1,440 x 1,600. These offer a field of view equivalent to 110 degrees and run games and apps at 60 to 90 Hz.

Built into the headset is a pair of AKG headphones that deliver 360° Spatial Sound without any additional cables or wires. Array microphones with Cortana support are also equipped on the Odyssey so you can talk back and issue commands on top of really appreciating sound while you are connected.

As with other Windows Mixed Reality headsets, the Samsung HMD Odyssey offers a hassle-free experience with 6 degrees of freedom and two controllers that adjust to you as the sensor array detects your position and surroundings.

Steam games will debut this holiday on Windows Mixed Reality sets

Microsoft executives also announced that they are working hard on the integration between their platform and Steam, the popular game library that is home to the most coveted VR games and apps available to PC players.

Company representatives said that developers could now access a preview of this new hybrid platform, as they continue to tune it further ahead of commercial and widespread release. Gamers will get their first taste during the holidays, when a preview of the catalog becomes available with, hopefully, a handful of games.

In the meantime, people interested in the best and latest by Microsoft and its partners can preorder all the announced Windows Mixed Reality headsets over at the official sites of these manufacturers or through the Microsoft Store online. The Samsung HMD Odyssey costs $499 and early reviews are widely positive.

Source: Microsoft