Samsung is expected to pull back the curtain on its new flagship, the Galaxy S7 this weekend. A number of the phone’s specs have already leaked but now a bunch of pictures and video made an appearance offering a generous close up of the much-anticipated device.

The video and the pictures were first uploaded on Android Authority, which cited an inside but anonymous source.

Regarding the specs, the site briefly mentions: “According to our source, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is to come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box. Other specs include an IP68 (or IP67) rating, a 12 MP camera, a 2800 mAh battery, and microSD support.

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However, according to all leaked information about the S7 so far, the most exciting one is the waterproof body along with the revive of the microSD slot; two features that Samsung’s fans have been asking for quite a few years now, since the S5.

The device, of course, will be powered by Google’s latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow and judging by the leaked images as seen below, it comes with what seems to be a simple and clean interface.

Truth be told, the South Korean smartphone maker needs to get back its lost consumers, who after being partially disappointed by the S6’s missing features (such as the microSD), settled for a much more affordable Chinese alternative such as Huawei or Xiaomi.

Now, with the Galaxy S7, Samsung has another chance to regain consumer demand.

Despite all the above, the company still remains at the very top of its industry while according to research firm IDC, it saw a 14 percent year-over-year gain in units shipped last quarter.

The video below shows a person swiping across the screen, opening the Flipboard app and then offering a peek at the back of the phone.

Both the S7 and its curved counterpart, the S7 Edge, are expected to be showcased at Samsung’s event which will take place on Sunday, one day prior to the debut of the Mobile World Congress.

The time is coming and with a few days left ahead until the Korean’s colossus event, who knows what else might find its way to the surface!