For the lovers of Android and, in specific, the South Korean-based smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, there is a date that they should probably add a reminder for. As the Mobile World Congress is approaching, the anticipation for the release of flagship devices from different companies is increasing. It is also being suggested that Samsung is looking to release a new “Galaxy” device on March 11th, in the United States and our guess is as good as yours that the much-touted handset is set to be the Samsung Galaxy S7.

There have been leaks, directly from the production line, that reveal the display and the camera of the device. What makes the camera image noteworthy is the fact that it has the SM-G930F model name, which we already know is the internal designation for the Galaxy S7 with the F being the regional code. The R05 marking on the board indicates the revision number of the camera being 5th.


Teardowns have revealed that the camera is different from the existing Galaxy S6’s rear shooter, at least in terms of the connector offset, which is to one side while the old one was centered.

Another image is making its rounds on he internet, which shows the entire phone, in the developer attire that is used to test the device out without revealing the actual design of the body. Even with the sticker on the top of the handset, it is clear that the device is a Samsung device, due to its trademark home button.

If you are able to see the reflection on the display of the test device, you will find it quite ironic that the photo has been taken by an HTC One device.

As for the expected release date, it does give Samsung sufficient time to create all the hype and the excitement behind its device. This time, Samsung will have to outperform in order to improve the lackluster performance that was given by the Galaxy S6.