A new support page for the alleged Samsung Galaxy X has come online in South Korea. The first foldable phone by the tech giant might be closer than we tought. Image: Samsung

Riding on a wave of rumors that started straight from Samsung’s mouth last September, we now apparently have further confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy X is indeed a thing. A support page for the foldable phone came online this Monday, as reported by the folks over at LetsGoDigital earlier today.

The support page for the model SM-G888N0 reveals little details about the device, although some info has already appeared online in the form of leaks and misleading reports. The Dutch page Mobiel Kopen caught sight of the new section originally.

Samsung’s pursuit of a foldable handset could lead to a fork in the industry, where most phone makers might follow one or another trend depending on their approach towards true mobility looking forward. This move could also be disruptive enough to prompt core changes.

Samsung Galaxy X: specs and possible release date

The most significant feature of the rumored Samsung Galaxy X is, of course, its form factor. The entire phone will be foldable, based on display technology already owned and showcased by the South Korean giant in the past.

It still needs to be paired with a case material that is able to withstand the constant folding straightening these models will be subjected to, which suggests Samsung might introduce as well a new material for this phone. In turn, it is expected that the Galaxy X sees a limited run and availability worldwide.

As some specialists point out, the development and release of an official support page usually signals the impending introduction of a new product. This could mean we are weeks away from the reveal of the phone rather than months, as previously believed.

Regarding which technology the Samsung Galaxy X will pack under the hood, it is safe to assume that it will follow current standards with a Snapdragon 835 display and average RAM and storage specifications. Experts believe CES 2018 looks like the date to save ahead of the yet unconfirmed phone launch.

Bezel-less screens vs. foldable bodies vs. modular phones

In a smartphone industry where bezels continue to disappear from front panels, the introduction of an entirely new form factor could sway some competitors to follow suit instead of doing away with buttons and sensors to accommodate more display real estate.

A phone that is essentially pure screen is something that many people apparently want, and it might not be entirely foreign to Samsung’s approach to the Galaxy X. In fact, some fan renders show it as basically a panel that you can fold, with no front buttons or sensors to be seen.

Modular modifications continue to be a thing, as evidenced by the new Polaroid Insta-Share Printer for the Moto Z. While it seems like the least likely outcome out of the two, the introduction of a different form factor could also lead to an upsurge of independent design choices going trending among consumers.

Source: LetsGoDigital