Samsung Galaxy Note 8 believable rumors

Over the weekend, several sites reported new leaks that showed what seemed to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 promo images, along with some protective cases and specification details. Weibo user Ice Universe is the one who leaked the information.

The Chinese site is a hotbed for speculation and unfounded rumors about future technology since most new products have to make their way through the country ahead of release for some reason or another.

Samsung has a lot of pressure on them to launch a new smartphone that meets community expectations this time around. The Galaxy Note 7 was a near-perfect device until users found a hazardous fault that made it prone to catch on fire and explode.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 will have minimum bezels

One of the most widespread leaks of the weekend concerns the Galaxy Note 8’s design, after a picture and later a video made their way to the internet by someone who captured footage of a protective case for the handset.

The leaker was a Weibo user that goes by the name of Ice Universe and @UniverseIce on Twitter. In that social network, he also posted renders of what looked like an official promo image of the upcoming phablet.

Judging by the pictures, some users were able to estimate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a 6.4-inch display at least, with bezels measuring as little as 6.7 mm. The bottom bezel might be just as small, giving the phone a screen-to-body ratio larger than any other out there.

Dual-lens camera seems one of the new features

Those same photos and protective cases show the dual-lens camera array for the back shooter of the Galaxy Note 8. The next-gen device will sport a vertical setup, which also confirms that the new Samsung won’t inherit a trait from the S8 and S8+.

In placing the camera dead center and one lens on top of the other, the South Korean giant has also decided to place the fingerprint sensor below the brand name on the back of the phone.

Rumor has it that the dual-lens array will feature 12 and 13 MP lenses, while the selfie shooter might have 8 MP. This also means, though, that Samsung has failed to integrate fingerprint scanning capabilities right into the display.

Samsung might release the Note 8 in late August

As a final tip from Ice Universe, the leaker said at Weibo the tech giant planned on revealing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 during the third week of August in a New York City event.

That contradicts earlier predictions that touted the phone might be revealed at IFA 2017 in Berlin, Germany like its predecessors. This is not too far from the leaked date though, as this year’s edition takes place during the first week of September.

Source: Slashleaks