The Galaxy Note 7 still has battery problems after the recall.
The Galaxy Note 7 still has battery problems after the recall. Image credit: CNN Money.

Samsung has officially confirmed that 2.5 million of Galaxy Note 7 have been recalled from all around the world. The company has already replaced 500,000 of these devices in the United States and South Korea specifically. However, the battery problems continue.

The reports consist mainly of overheating while charging or during phone calls. Samsung explained it was normal for smartphones to experience variations in temperature when users perform demanding tasks such as navigating or using camera-related applications. However, they have also admitted they had not tested all batteries.

Samsung has created a tag for the replaced Note 7s. The company calls them “Safe” versions to differentiate them from the un-recalled ones. Currently, these substituted versions have only been in the market for a week. However, People have already reported incidents with their new phones.

“Safe” Galaxy Note 7 phablets still catch on fire while charging

One Chinese customer indicated his Galaxy Note 7 burst into flames while it was charging. Hui Renjie, a 25 years old tech specialist, said that last Sunday night, he left his phone charging overnight. When he woke up in the morning, his smartphone was emitting black smoke, and a few minutes later it cached on fire.

He uploaded a video to prove this claim. In it, he shows his burned device with the box and the receipt proving he just received the smartphone. The video went viral, and Samsung has not made any declarations regarding it.

South Korean customers have reported their smartphones are overheating when in use. None of them have exploded so far, but experts suggest that if the temperature goes too high, it is a possibility.

Also, the device seems not to hold the charge or lose it when plugged in. Users report that when they leave the cell phones to charge overnight, they are completely dry in the morning.

The authorities do not want unsafe Galaxy Notes working in an airport  

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating these issues. The officials advised people not to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 nor the Samsung Galaxy 7 for extended periods of time.

They also expressed concerns about users who charge these smartphones in airplanes. The Commission strongly suggest people to not use these phones inside the airport or on board of an airplane.

So far, the authorities are not taking legal measures to address the situation. They encourage customers to recall their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and start using the safe version.

Source: CNN Money