The next big thing from Samsung is almost here, and it's all about the cameras this time. Image: Samsung

Samsung itself revealed that it’s just one month away, (February 25th) from unveiling their new flagship smartphone in Barcelona. The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus biggest hardware change will be the camera, with dual setup upgraded from the Galaxy Note 8.

Few of the rumors confirmed are that the S9 and S9 Plus models will feature slim bezels along with Qualcomm’s most powerful processor yet. Other rumors point at Samsung’s introduction of a better facial unlocking system, paired with an alternative sensor for fingerprint recognition as well.

Barcelona will be covering every detail on the introduction of the next-generation device. At the Mobile World Congress, Samsung will be one of the most anticipated brands of the event, but LG, Nokia, and others might steal some of the spotlight with announcements of their own.

Samsung couldn’t keep the Galaxy S9 from leaking

Right before the official announcement of the unveiling event date, the S9 got leaked in images revealing scale and display features. Supposedly, based the leak, the base and Plus models will have 3000 mAh and 3500 mAh battery capacities respectively.

The leak also revealed that the new 2018 version won’t be looking much different from its predecessor. The S9, like others before it, will come in two chip variations depending on where you live. You will either get a Snapdragon 845 or an Exynos 9810.

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus confirmed features and rumors

The mysterious Galaxy S9 has been revealed with the phrase “Camera Reimagined,” teasing optical improvements for the new generation. However, it is known that the smaller version of the S9 will feature only one camera and that only the larger model will come with a dual lens setup.

On the S9 Plus, based on the leaks, the camera will also feature a SuperSpeed Dual Pixel 12 MP OIS lens. Regarding the frontal cameras, it is reported that both versions might be packing 8 megapixels.

Again, only the Plus might end up with an iris eye scanner in order to compete with Apple’s top phones. There is also the size information for Samsung’s new contenders for top smartphone: 5.77 inches and 6.22 inches were teased in unofficial data ahead of the reveal.

Finally, there are rumors of Samsung using better materials to craft the body of the phones and some screen improvements that will surely boost the price range to, probably, a slightly higher bracket than the $850 Galaxy S8 Plus.

Source: Samsung