Runtastic had some intense financial and business activity these last few weeks, after been purchased by Adidas for $240 million but the company doesn’t seem to be willing to take a break and regroup.

On the contrary, the company announced on Friday the Runtastic Moment, a new line of smartwatches that have created quite a fuss not so much for their impressive features or specs, as for the fact that they seem to balance perfectly class with fitness. See, the big difference with this line is that it is an analog line of smartwatches that still helps you accomplish your fitness goals providing you with plenty of useful features.

Of course, the Runtastic smartphone app is a necessity if you want to see your actual step count but your elegant watch will let you know how close you are to accomplishing your goal for the day.

One of the most impressive features concerning the fitness part is the watch’s vibration mode in case that you stay on the couch for too long as well as a sleep tracking app which could prove to be very helpful or too frustrating.

Over the past few years, we have seen the majority of players in the health and fitness space –Runtastic included – try to address the needs of users with a diverse array of tracking devices.  Looking at the products currently available, we strongly felt there was a large gap between fashion and functionality. Therefore, we developed the Runtastic Moment to be an all-encompassing device that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and habit-forming”, says Florian Gschwandtner, CEO and co-founder of Runtastic.

The company has described four specific models on the Moment line production: The Runtastic Moment Fun, the Runtastic Moment Basic, the Runtastic Moment Elite, and the Runtastic Moment Classic.

The first one features a beautiful stainless steel case, scratch-resistant glass, and silicon strap and is available at $130. The Moment Basic has a large display which makes it look a bit more masculine than the previous one, with a 42mm watch in black or sand and is also available at $130. Moving higher to the price, we go to the next two models both announced at $180.

The Runtastic Moment Elite features the same stainless steel case and scratch-resistant glass and is also equipped with a top-quality black leather band.

Last but not least, the Runtastic Moment Classic offers pretty much the same as the Elite, the bus also has a metallic ring around the face and is available in gold, rose gold, and silver.

All of the models above work perfectly with the Runtastic Me app which is the ultimate app to help you get in the best shape of your life.

All 4 watches are currently available on Runtastic’s online store so don’t waste any time. Go and buy a watch which proves that class, style, and fitness tracking can go hand in hand.