The Rolling Stones confirmed that the album would be available for digital download on their website or using platforms such iTunes. Image Source: Vanyaland

The Rolling Stones will release a new album called “Blue & Lonesome” on December 2nd. This work is the band’s first album after a ten year period of no releases. This time, they focused on a more calm tone using blues as their primary genre for their 25th album.

Mick Jagger was the first to tease this album back in September when he uploaded a picture of his harmonica on Twitter. The caption of the tweet said #PlayingTheBlues, suggesting this new style. Shortly after, the group posted a preview video on their YouTube account to promote their upcoming work.

The band also released a rework of their traditional red tongue artwork featuring a blue design with purple and red contrast to mimic the name of the album. They uploaded this new image on the Official Facebook page of the band along with a picture for users to download.

Don Was, the co-producer of the album, confirmed its existence to the French media the following month during an interview. He mentioned that the band had been working in Paris for some time and he was very pleased with the results so far.


Rolling Stones’ official track list released

The group published the Official Track List so everyone could see what they have been up to. On this opportunity, the tracks are a mix of new releases and old covers of blue songs made for the band. There are twelve songs from which “Commit a Crime” and “Little Rain” shrine above the rest.

Rod Wood explained the focus on old songs was because the band felt they missed the good old times. They sometimes proposed more than eleven songs a day to pick from, as the members of the Stones were nostalgic. This sensation of longing for the old days pushed this project forward.

The results are twelve tracks full of feelings and memories that felt very authentic, Ron explained. However, he also told that part of the album was recorded in London because the band wanted to invite Eric Clapton to participate in the project.

Blue & Lonesome will come in many formats to please fans

The band confirmed that the album would be available for digital download on their website or using platforms such iTunes. However, those fans who feel nostalgic can get the CD version or the special double heavyweight vinyl. This last edition will come with the CD and a download code for the digital format of the album.

There is no official price for neither of the versions. But, the band has already confirmed that those buyers of the special vinyl edition will also get a 75-page mini-book about the making of the album and postcards featuring the band. These surprises will be available for the first few lucky buyers.

Source: Rolling Stone