Acer announced a new desktop computer made of different parts that connect all together like legos. The idea behind the Revo Build is an easy composition of any custom system, without the user having to go into the exhausting and frustrating process of screwing, connecting cables here and there etc. On the contrary, the Revo Build provides the customer with parts that all have magnetic areas on them, thus making much easier to put each part on top of the other.

As it is highlighted on a relevant article on BBC, we’re talking about the equivalent attempt on smartphones, where some companies try to achieve a more modular composition, like Google’s Project Ara.

We’ve all got some level of knowledge on computers nowadays. This is more than enough for anyone to now that the whole process of opening a desktop and installing new hardware is something that requires attention, concentration and a slightly steady hand because in case that something goes wrong, there’s a good chance you’ll need to buy a new computer. So in that case, a modular PC would be an ideal solution for all computer users but mostly gamers, as that is the main target group which needs to upgrade their systems frequently.

Acer announced that this computer will hit the markets this October and the cheapest unit – which will include 8 GB of RAM, an Intel Pentium or Celeron Skylake processor – will cost around 270 euros. For the first few months the only extra part will be a 500 GB or 1 TB hard disk but later on we’ll see more parts making an appearance.

The operating system will be the new Windows 10, a decision that could cost the company a few customers, with all the fuss that’s been going on lately about Microsoft’s privacy policy.