Reusable Eco Friendly Tote Bag

You can make your own grocery tote bags. Many people are trying to think green and believe plastic bags are bad for the environment. Some stores sell reusable bags. If you like to sew, don’t want to use plastic bags, or buy reusable bags, sewing your own grocery tote bags is a great project.

There are some online ideas for making your own reusable tote bag. Material for the shopping tote bag can be purchased at any fabrics store. Pleather is the strongest and more durable kind of fabric. Canvas is a strong and long-lasting material for a reusable shopping bag.

Before you get started, you will need some tools. You need one yard and 45 feet of durable fabric for the outside and fabric for the lining. Get plenty of thread and four feet of inch wide cotton webbing, some chalk, a pencil, a ruler, rotary cutter, cutting mat, a box of straight pins, pinking shears, and a sewing machine. Be sure to preshrink the fabric before you start working with it, so it does not shrink you launder the bag.

To start with a pattern, unfold a paper bag with handles until it is completely opened, and the seams pulled apart. Next, measure each section of the bag to match the folds. Cut two strips of fabric and match the length of the paper bag handles, making it three times the width. Cut out the rest of the fabric to match the paper bag. On the fabric, carefully measure and put chalk marks where the seams would go on the shopping tote bag. Use a hot iron to create creases. Fold the paper bag a few times and then mimic the folds with your grocery tote bags. Temporarily pin the bottom half of your bag together and sew it so it matches the paper bag. Be sure to add a 3/8-inch seam allowance. The lining needs a half inch seam allowance. Turn the bag inside out when you want to add the lining. Use a basting stitch to see the lining to the outer material.

After you pin the middle part of the bag together and stitch closed, the bag will be almost finished. The last thing to do is sew on the handles. Fold individual handles together, pin, and stitch together the sides. Sew each handle on both sides in a similar fashion to the handles on the paper bag and sew an X stitch to keep the handles in place. When you have done that with both handles, you have completed your first reusable shopping bag. It is optional if you want a fancy trim on your tote bag.

The Reusable tote bag can be made of different fabrics and designs. Using a real paper bag for a pattern, you can make a T-shirt shaped bag. You need to have four pieces of material; two pieces of material should be used for the outside of the tote. Two pieces should be for the lining of the bag. For example, you could use a fabric with a chicken print for the outside of the bag and a print of chicken wire for the inside of the bag.

The paper bag pattern is reusable. You can save money by not buying reusable bags at the store You can make more durable bags in your own style from cotton, leather, denim, or any material you want. Use the paper bag pattern to make several bags to take along with you when you go shopping.

There are many videos online that can help you step by step to make your fantastic grocery tote. Making reusable shopping bags make great gifts for friends and family. Homemade reusable shopping bags are stronger than the kind you buy at the grocer. You don’t have to settle for what colors and designs the store has; make your own grocery bag in the color and style you want. You might even want to personalize your tote bag with your name or initials. You may have your favorite photo professionally placed on your grocery tote bag. If you are good at drawing, painting, and sketching, you can purchase a white or beige material and paint a picture on your grocery tote. If you can sew and have imagination, you can make a grocery tote bag as unique as you are.