Woman with Pet at Home

Do you own a pet? Most of the pet owners are at higher risk of suffering from the pet allergies. Despite this, it doesn’t call for the pet owner to disown their pets. It is because there are simple ways of reducing pet allergies.

The pet allergies are mainly caused by the small proteins found in the pet saliva and dander. These proteins are challenging to eliminate as they are sticky. The allergies can easily spread within the household of pet owners as they get to stick on the clothing, bedding, and upholstered furniture among others. Whenever you get infected by the pet allergies, you will begin sneezing and wheezing, which are some of the key symptoms. Here are some of the proven tips that will aid you to cope with the
pet allergies.

Wash Hands after Handling the Pet

Whenever you get to touch the pet, you need to immediately wash the hands. You should ensure that you don’t touch the eye before washing the hands as this will result in an infection. You also need to make sure that you clean the body of the pet on a regular basis to reduce the allergens. Frequent washing of the pet will do the pet well and keep him free from infecting the family members.

Keep Pets Away from Bedroom

Since the protein found in the saliva and dander is one of the leading causes for pet allergy, you need to ensure that the dog doesn’t get into the bedroom. It will reduce the chances of the sticky saliva from sticking on the bedding and clothing. Whenever you allow the pet into the bedroom, there are higher chances that it will trap allergens that are challenging to dislodge. With this, you will easily get infected by the pet allergy.

Besides keeping off the pet away from the bedroom, you should stop keeping the rodent pets. It is because such pets have got a higher risk of the pet allergy due to the top potent allergens. However, when you love the rodent pets, it is advisable to have someone who can always clean the cage on a regular basis. It will also reduce the chances of contamination.

Use the HEPA Filter at Home

It is one of the easiest and safest ways of keeping away the pet allergen from the households. With the best HEPA filter, you can get rid of up to 99% of the tiny airborne pollutants including the pet dander and pollen. It implies that you will get to breathe clean air free from infection. When you choose to use the HEPA filter, you need to leave it working for most hours. It will assure you of super clean air as it will filter off the allergen whenever they come up. You can always carry out vacuuming for the pet dander using the HEPA filter, which will reduce the allergens.

Today, myriad vacuum cleaners are working with the HEPA filters, Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, for example. To define which Roomba is best for pet hair, you should understand that all Roombas have been designed to filter the pet hair. Besides the pet hair and allergens, the vacuum cleaner will also clean your carpet to reduce the chances of pet allergy infection.

Offer Weekly Bath To Your Pet

How often do you bath the pet? It is always vital that the pet gets a weekly bath to aid in reducing the chances of pet allergy infection. By bathing the pet, you are reducing the allergen count; hence reduces the possibility of infection. It is one easy way to manage the pet infection without having to disown the pet.

Alternatively, you can also choose to wipe the pet using hypoallergenic fragrance-free baby wipes. It will also aid in reducing the allergen count on the pet, which makes it safer to stay with the pet. Before wiping the pet with the fragrance, you have to ensure that it will not cause a side effect. After carrying out these activities, you need to make sure that you wash the hands.

Apart from bathing or wiping the pet, it is also necessary that you wash the pet’s bedding. When it has a bed, you have to clean the bed on a regular basis to reduce the chances of infection. The sleeping area and bedding of the pet need to be tidy at all time.

Try Allergy Shots

For some pet owners, you will always find it necessary to stay with the pet close most of the times. It may happen when you own a puppy or training the dog. In such cases, you will have to find the best solution that will keep you free from infection even when with the pet.

The allergy shot is a safe way that helps the body to develop the protective antibiotics. With this, the body will not get any infection even when the dog is closer to you. The only challenge with this protection is that it might take long before the body gets the required protection. It implies that it needs a lot of patience when you opt to use it.

Besides the above tips on how to manage the pet allergy, you may also try out other tips like vacuuming the bedroom frequently and medications like antihistamines. With these simple tips, the pet owners will find it elementary to care for their pets and reduce the pet allergy infection.

Disowning the pet should never be a solution as you can practice these simple tips for an excellent outcome. The use of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is one better way that will keep the entire household free from pet hair and allergens. This implies that you will always stay safe. The vacuum should also be used for vacuum the bedroom. Lastly, remember that you have to wash the hands after bathing or wiping the pet.