Every single gamer out there understands how important it is to record video game footage at a really high resolution. Using software that is capable of offering the highest possible quality is always the priority. With this in mind, one very good program that has been climbing the popularity ranks recently is Movavi Gecata, previously known as Movavi Video Game Capture. The recent update out created software that seriously needs to be considered even by the professional gamer that wants to record video games. Let’s see why this is the case.

Main Points Of Interest With Movavi Gecata

Movavi Gecata gives you access to what you need as a gamer that wants to record gaming content. You can easily:

  • Capture gameplay footage at a frame per second rate of up to 60
  • Add video of your webcam to record live reactions
  • Record the sound coming from your game, your microphone or both

Using the software is easy even for those that do not know much about the technical side of video recording. All you really have to do is:

  • Install Movavi Gecata
  • Launch the software
  • Select the recording options like fps, resolution
  • Select what you want to record like your microphone, webcam or just game
  • Start recording

The videos that you create as you record will be encoded in the popular MP4 video format, which is preferred by most streamers out there because of high quality with small storage space needed. After you use Movavi Gecata you surely get the quality you are after, being only restricted by the technical equipment you have.

Movavi Gecata comes with a really low price tag, an investment that is more than easy to afford for most gaming enthusiasts. If you want to record your gaming videos and upload to YouTube or just keep for review purposes, you should try the trial version to see if this is the software for you. More people every single day decide that this is the case for them. It is not difficult to use the software and you do not get features that you are not going to use, which is definitely rare in the industry.