Why You Need to Read NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 5 to Good Score in Exams

Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions of Coal and Petroleum from Class 8 Science Chapter 5 are prepared in an easy to understand language, and they are crisp and concise. All the exercise questions are accurately answered which are given at the end of the CBSE Class 8 Science Chapter 5. Our solutions for Vedantu NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 5 have been drafted as per the latest CBSE Class 8 Science Syllabus and CBSE NCERT Class 8 Science Book.

A Brief Overview – Coal and Petroleum

Some of the important concepts covered in Chapter 5 of NCERT Solutions include coal, petroleum, natural gas, and limitations of natural gases. Here, you will learn about the different types of resources that are present in nature. These resources can be broadly classified as :

  • Inexhaustible Resources: These resources are abundant in nature. For example sunlight, air, and water.
  • Exhaustible Resources: These resources are available in a minimal quantity in nature. For example, coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc.
  • Coal is one of the hard substances which is black in color. It is used in the fuel form for cooking purposes. It is also used in various industries as fuel.
  • Coke is a tough and porous substance which is almost the purest form of carbon. It is used to extract the steel and also in the extraction of many other metals.
  • Coal Tar is a thick black liquid with an irksome smell. It is a mixture of about 200 substances. Those products which are obtained from it are used for concocting substances such as drugs, explosives, paints, plastics, perfumes, etc.
  • Coal Gas is obtained during the processing of coal to get a coke from it. It is also used as a fuel in various industries.
  • Petrol and diesel are used as fuel in motor vehicles which are basically obtained from a natural resource called petroleum.
  • Refining is a mixture of different constituents like petroleum, gas, petrol, diesel, lubricating oil, paraffin wax, etc. The process of separating the constituents of petroleum is known as refining.
  • Natural Gas is a very important fossil fuel. It is actually stored under high pressure as compressed natural gas (CNG) and can be easily transported in pipes. It is used in power generation or as a fuel for transport vehicles. CNG is also used as a fuel for cooking as well as for industrial purposes.
  • Some natural resources such as fossil fuels, forests, minerals, etc, are exhaustible. Fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum are obtained from dead animals. Therefore, it takes millions of years for dead animals to get converted into fuels. Moreover, the burning of these fuels will cause air pollution which is one of the major reasons for global warming. Therefore, it is necessary that we use these fuels sensibly.

So, in this chapter, you will learn about fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas. After reading this chapter, and going through each and every concept you will be able to answer the questions related to the chapter ‘Coal and Petroleum’. You are suggested to solve the questions given at the end of Class 8 Science Chapter 5.


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