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All over the world,  ride-sharing apps are gaining popularity and here is a shocking fact about one of the biggest company of this field, Uber. A quarter of Americans haven’t heard about this app yet and the figure is around 100 million people.

This is a highly discussed company due to their outstanding reports that illustrate its $9 billion venture capital, $62.5 billion valuation along with 7,000 employees.

A recent research, which has highlighted this fact, says that only 15% of adult Americans has used this app, while another 55% has heard about this application but happened to not use it once. The rest people are completely ignorant about it yet, a number that accounts for 33% of the population.

As a reason, experts have pointed out that these companies provide service only to urban areas and this is the primary reason of people’s ignorance about it. Even if we consider this theory, then there still are 250 million people who, if they have not used Uber, should at least be aware of the brand’s name. There still are some countries where Uber is banned, but apart from that, they happen to provide their service in every urban area.

The research says only 17% citizens use this application daily or weekly, whereas the 26% use it monthly. The rest 56% use it less often.

Uber’s most attractive selling point is its offers and discounts. On signing up, you are being greeted with some free rides, or by referring your friend and the discount continues to apply to several purposes, hence, experts are worried about the loyalty of customers once this facility is not available anymore.

It is assumed that if an individual lives in a built-up area, have a college degree and a job that pays him substantially higher than average (around $75,000 or more), he is more likely to come under that 17%.